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Post The Evidon Weekly Digest 3/28/12 ' FTC Privacy Report Edition

The FTC released its much-anticipatedfinalPrivacy Report this week. It was very supportive of our cross-industry efforts at self-regulation.FTC ChairmanJon Leibowitz stated that we had made 'extraordinary strides in delivering the icon on hundreds of billions of ads‚?¶Very impressive how far these companies have come in a
reasonably short period of time.'The report was monumental for the FTC as it's a comprehensive culmination of a two year investigation that has been worked and reworked multiple times. We summarized our initialtakeaways after the report was released on Monday,and you can read the report itselfhere.It's very consistent with the much bigger news from last month from the Administration, Department of Commerce, FTC and the DAA. Our recap of the White House announcement ishere. Below, you'll find roundup of the best news coverage so far.

In other privacy news, the FTC made yet another announcement yesterday on their newly created tech blog regarding a settlement the company RockYou, on charges that the company's inadequate security led to a breach of consumer data. Also in privacy news,Forbesran a great article on the 'economics of online privacy.'

EU news was all about the approach of the ePrivacy Directive, which is now less than a month away. Irish Coca Cola exec Jon Woods announced innew media agethat the directive will be Coke's 'biggest regulatory challenge in 2012.' Also, the UK'sGovernment Digital Service (GDS) announced new privacy guidelinesfor UK Government websites. And, in this vein, Colin O'Malleykicked off a three part series dissectingiMedia Connection'sUKsite and its path to compliance which is well worth a read.

FTC News Roundup

FTC Releases Final Privacy Report [Video]' OnGuardOnline 'In today's world of smart phones, smart grids, and smart cars, companies are collecting, storing, and sharing more and more information about you. In fact, as illustrated by the FTC's new video, you might not realize just how often companies do so.

OnGuardOnline.gov'New FTC consumer site ' 'Stop | Think | Connect

Tech Highlights of the FTC Privacy Report' Tech@FTC (New FTC tech blog) 'Today the FTC is releasing a major report on privacy. Privacy geeks will read the whole thing'and should, because it represents a lot of careful thinking by folks in the agency. But if you're a techie who doesn't have time to read it all, let me point you to a few of the parts you'll probably find most interesting.

The FTC's Do Not Track Infographic

U.S. Agency Seeks Tougher Consumer Privacy Rules' NYT 'The government's chief consumer protection agency said on Monday that it intended to take direct aim at the vast industry that has grown up around the buying and selling of information about American consumers.

Lawmakers join FTC in calling for online privacy legislation' The Hill 'The report said Congress should regulate 'data brokers' ' groups that buy and sell personal data ' and said consumers should be able to access the information that brokers collect on them. The report also recommended that Congress require companies to meet minimum security standards for how they handle sensitive data, and said lawmakers should require companies to notify their customers in the event of a data breach.

Final FTC Privacy Report Seeks New Laws, Supports 'Do Not Track,' Exempts Small Businesses, and Targets Data Brokers [PDF] ' Davis & Gilbert Group ' The final privacy report just issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) substantially reflects the preliminary staff report (click here to view previous Alert) on consumer privacy and data collection practices issued by the FTC in December 2010 ' albeit with a number of rather important changes.

FTC: More work needs to be done in area of online privacy, 'Do Not Track' mechanism' The Washington Post 'The Federal Trade Commission said businesses have made progress in voluntarily changing their policies to better protect consumer privacy companies but that new laws are still needed. The FTC in recent years has aggressively gone after companies that it feels are being unfair to consumers. Here's a look at some cases involving Google, Facebook and Twitter.

FTC stops short of calling for new 'Do Not Track' law' cnet 'Federal Trade Commission privacy report doesn't call for a Do Not Track law targeting Web companies. Instead it takes aim at third-party 'data brokers' like Lexis Nexis and Choicepoint.

FTC applauds 'do not track' progress, pushes fresh rules to safeguard online privacy' Fox News 'A new report from the FTC calls for increased online privacy and oversight and a 'Do Not Track' tool for the Internet that can be used to prevent marketers from tracking Web browsing habits.

FTC Issues Final Privacy Framework Report to Protect Users' Data' ReadWriteWeb 'The Federal Trade Commission has issued its Final Privacy Framework Report that outlines guidelines for how companies can and cannot use consumer data on the Internet. The initial report was released in Dec. 2010 and the FTC took in consideration 453 public comments in the final report. The FTC provides guidelines for Do-Not-Track provisions, how information can be tracked on mobile devices and how large platform providers like Facebook and Google can use consumer data.

FTC Issues Groundhog Report on Privacy' The Technology Liberation Front 'The Federal Trade Commission issued a report today calling on companies 'to adopt best privacy practices.' In related news, most people support airline safety‚?¶ The report also 'recommends that Congress consider enacting general privacy legislation, data security and breach notification legislation, and data broker legislation.'

New FTC 'Do-Not-Track' Recommendations: Clueless?' PCWorld 'The Federal Trade Commission Monday issued a report citing proposed best practices for protecting American consumers and giving them greater control over the collection and use of their personal data. In response, several security and privacy experts offered several variations of 'Huh?'

More Privacy News

The Economics Of Online Privacy' Forbes 'Let's break down the privacy debate. First what are the differing privacy issues relating to our interaction on the internet? There is fundamental difference between the attachment of cookies to track where a machine has been in support of targeted advertising and systems that gain access to the personal information on the machine. While few would dispute that the latter is a clear invasion of one's right to privacy, is the former?

RockYou, the FTC, and Little Bobby Tables' Tech@FTC 'Today the FTC announced that it has settled a complaint against RockYou, on charges that the company's inadequate security led to a breach of consumer data, and that the company collected personal information from children it knew to be under 13 without parental consent.

Understanding tracking on your site' iMedia Connection 'For the digital marketing community, preparation for enforcement of the ePrivacy directive is taking on the narrative of the Y2K crisis. Back in the 1990s, many companies stood by, waiting for it to disappear. Somewhere along the line, experts began to break through, convincing management that action needed to be taken to avoid disaster. The final months leading up to the deadline became a mad scramble.

EU cookie law: UK government crumbles?' Econsultancy 'With just over a month until the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 is enforced, it was high time that an organisation with the weight to set a precedent got off the fence and took a serious position on the matter.

Coca-Cola says ePrivacy Directive will be the biggest regulatory challenge in 2012' new media age 'Coca-Cola general manager for Great Britain and Ireland Jon Woods says regulations around behavioural targeting will be the biggest regulatory challenge in 2012.

Regulations (PECRs) for public sector websites[PDF] ' Government Digital Service 'This document sets out guidance from the Government Digital Service (GDS) to government departments and other public sector bodies which are required to comply with the new Privacy & Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR) which came into effect in May 2011

Pressure on advertisers builds as cookie law deadline nears' Newsline 'Advertisers have just two months left before the law changes governing how they use cookies. With fines of up to £500,000 faced by companies that fail to obtain informed consent from their customers for tracking their behaviour, non-compliance with this EU e-privacy regulation, dubbed the Cookie Law, is simply not an option, warns ISBA.

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