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Post Playing Deep Black: Reloaded and Depth Hunter with 3D Vision

My attention was recently pointed at two interesting new games developed by the independent game developer Biart with 3D Vision support ' Deep Black: Reloaded and Depth Hunter. So I took a quick look to see what the games are and how they work in stereoscopic 3D mode as the developer is saying they offer official 3D Vision support. The game Deep Black: Reloaded is actually even 3D Vision Ready and that rating from Nvidia is well deserved as it really looks great in stereoscopic 3D mode. Now, there is something very important that I should mention here before actually starting to talk about the game Deep Black: Reloaded and that is the fact that it is an arcade third person shooter with arcade being a key here. Deep Black: Reloaded won't offer you some sort of a deep and very engaging storyline, but it will offer you several hours of fun with the single player mode walking around in different environments in 40 different missions (haven't played them all yet). The game comes with surprisingly good graphics and effects with a lot of underwater action, something that we've rarely seen in games lately and there is also a multiplayer mode available (not that usable actually as it is not server based). Back to the stereo 3D, the game is performing great, everything important renders well properly in stereo 3D such as the scenes, lights, shadows, even the crosshair and enemy markers are rendered in 3D. And as any good 3D Vision Ready game should be you can easily max out the depth and get really impressive volume without having to tweak the convergence as the default setting for it is really good (convergence is not locked). Another important thing here is that there is a demo of the game available that you can download and try to see what to expect from the full game, before actually having to play for it‚?¶

The other game from Biart, Depth Hunter is a bit more specific as it is essentially a virtual underwater spearfishing game (not sure if it can be called a simulation), so it might not be to everyone's liking. In it you are essentially hunting for different fish species underwater with a mechanical harpoon with some other things to make it a bit more exciting, and aside from the tasks you have to do there is also a free mode that allows you to explore the multiple different locations freely. Depth Hunter is rated as Excellent in 3D Vision from Nvidia and it also renders and looks very nice in stereo 3D mode, although the sea bottom and the underwater surroundings and in the water itself may be lacking a bit of extra details and extra objects, so the stereo 3D experience may not be so impressive here. Still the game renders properly in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision and you can also easily crank up the depth a lot, playing with convergence might also help a bit at times here, it is also not locked. While not quite the James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge the game Depth Hunter in stereo 3D mode can be quite fun for some, but it can as well quickly bore other people, the good thing is that you can download the demo and try it out first.

Both the Deep Black: Reloaded and Depth Hunter games are based on Biart's biEngine that has support for stereoscopic 3D rendering with 3D Vision. I'm mentioning that fact, because this has been made by a small independent game developer and they have managed to do quite well and integrate stereoscopic 3D support in their game engine, so the question is why do the much bigger and with more resources game developers are not following this good example. Oh yes, I forgot that most of them think that the stereoscopic 3D gamers are still a small niche, so there is no point in putting just a bit more resources and efforts to make their game engines stereo 3D compatible and ready for the future. The stereoscopic 3D gaming community will just keep growing and growing, and the people that are part of it are going to be playing more and more important role, so totally ignoring them might not be a good idea. Big game developers seem to get blinded by the money and forget that they need to provide what gamers want and expect, after all this is where the money comes from, while there are more and more new small independent game developers appearing everyday and they are offering nice and interesting games worth supporting by the people‚?¶

- For more information and to download the Deep Black: Reloaded demo‚?¶
- For more information and to download the Depth Hunter demo‚?¶

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