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Default bootstrap.sh has been compiling for over 2.5 hours (Gentoo)

Sorry if this is too newbish of a question, but this is my first time using a Linux (and Unix) system.

Anyway, I chose to go with tarball stage 1 on my Gentoo 1.4 LiveCD because I thought it'd be nice to customize things a bit. I ended up not even touching my make.conf file and just going ahead with the boostrap. It's been almost 3 hours and the thing is still compiling. Is this normal? I know that it has to compile binutils, gcc, gettext, and glibc altogether, but man it sure is taking a while.
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Yes this is normal depends on cpu.
It took me 72 hours to install on a amd K6 450 mhz laptop.
As a reference If I remeber correctly bootstrap took about 4 hours on a k7 2400xp.
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it took 1 hour on my 3ghz p4
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