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Default NVidia Trouble

I'm terribly sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything close with a search. I'm also sorry if my post seems to be so simple, but I have no where to turn to or learn these things. If you have any suggestions on reading, please let me know.

Onto my problem. I'm trying to install the NVIDIA drivers for Slackware 8.1. I did an 'XFree86 -version' which reports XFree86 version 4.2.0. I downloaded the src rpm's and followed this to install the drivers. Well, I never did see the 'driver "nv"', but saw a 'driver "vesa"' and changed that to "nvidia". Does this mean my NVidia Drivers aren't loading? ModProbe does not report 'NVdriver' being loaded. What have I done wrong? What commands do I need to install to get this working?

Again, I would like to apologize for my 'newbie' questions, but I have no where to turn. I will be so very greatful for any help you can provide. Please contact me on AIM, ixion001 if you would like.

Thank You!!
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Hey same problem here. But to get NVdriver up do this

modprobe NVdriver

this should start it.

Now I am workign on the opengl problem.
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Default modprobe...

when you do /sbin/modprobe NVdriver, this try to load NVdriver. If it is load, does nothing.
If you put modprobe , alone, it does nothing.

try /sbin/depmod -a ; to check dependencies between modules.

when you install Nvidia Drivers, rpm, srpm,tgz.. XF86Config doesn't change.

You need to change Driver "vesa" or Driver "nv" to Driver "nvidia" manually.

Also need to add Load "glx" and delete (Load "GLcore" and Load "dri")

Look at my Config, as an Example. Search IMPORTANT and you will see my Changes


Also need to verify that /etc/modules.conf or /etc/conf.modules contains a line "alias .... NVdriver", But rpm ever make this change
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Your problem is likely from trying to use rpm with Slackware.

All you need to do is download the latest linux drivers from the nvidia site (in the tar.gz or tgz format, NOT RPM!) and follow the instructions. I believe all you have to do is `tar -xzf` each file and then switch to the new directory and run `make` as root.

After installing for the kernel driver and the GLX driver, you will need to recompile the kernel. You should do this anyway to get max performance out of your system, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that, go to kernel.org for instructions. If you're still running the default Slackware 8.1 kernel, try to get rid of some hardware support you don't need at the same time to decrease the size of the kernel (increasing performance dramatically in sime cases).

Then, use utiel's XF86Config file as a sample for what you need. The changes required are minimal.

In the future, don't use RPMs with Slackware. It can be done, but I've had nothing but problems with it. If you have more Slackware-specific questions, check out the forums at linuxpackages for access to some real Slackware gurus.

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Thanks for the link!!

you were exactly right! I used the tars and that did it! and for some reason X does not like color depth any higher than 16-bit and any resolution lower than 1280x1024... I set the display in XF86Config to 1280x1024 at 16-bit, and it worked!
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