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Post The Sunday Papers

Sunday mornings are for waking up andā?¦ no, I'm not actually awake. No point trying to pretend that I am. Try as I might to coax some consciousness from the soggy depths of my skull, the truth is that today is only twitch of the needle before the oblivion of bed once again. I suppose that is what Sundays are for.
  • Polygon's Arkane/Bethesda/IonStorm article about the men designing Dishonored is quite the thing to behold. I mean, blimey. But also really? Also, some good anecdotes: 'There are some problems, though, that QA can't fix, and when Ultima VIII is released, it has a lot of them. One hundred, by Smith's counting. Smith is so frustrated by the state of this game that he writes a list detailing the reasons why he didn't like it. All 100 of them. 'I literally said it was a slap in the face to Ultima fans and RPG fans,' Harvey said. 'And I sent it to my boss. I don't know why I did it, but it was the kind of thing I did back then.' Harvey Smith in proto-angry internet man shocker! Sort of. (moreā?¦)

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