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Default 45.23 and Matrox 450 DualHead PCI not working

I have a setup of Win XP with GeForce TI 200 AGP and Matrox G450 DualHead PCI. Everything worked fine with newest Matrox drivers and 41.09 Detonators. When I tried to update to 45.23 the Matrox card could not be used anymore, telling me something about incompatible drivers. Before installation I uninstalled all nVidia and Matrox drivers and then installed the drivers one after another. No matter in what order I installed I could not get them run together. Then I switched back to 41.09 and everything worked fine again. Is there any way to use both cards together with newest drivers? Is this a known issue with 45.03? Is there a benefit to use 45.23 with the Ti 200 or should I just stick with 41.09?
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I would just stick with the v.41.09 for that card. There will be little or no benefeit to installing the newer drivers. nV has spent considerable effort improving PS2 performance with the latest drivers, but that will not affect you running a GF4. If the 41.09 works for you- leave it alone. I have a GF3 Ti in one of my systems and I refuse to attempt to upgrade the driver beyond 40.72. Works for me.
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