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Default Is Obama going to come to his humanity?

Bush gave some terrible regulations and Obama's deficits are worse, but I think that Bush was more radical in spending while Obama's bureaucracy is worse so they're equal there.

Clinton and Bush decided not to finish what they planned to do (Clinton originally wanted to do more in Iraq, but realized it wasn't feasible while Cheney controlled Bush and Cheney wanted to put boots on the ground in Iran but Bush wanted Obama to have the burden of it). However, I think Obama isn't going to get a second term because he's going to come to his senses that he was a puppet and that if he wants a second term he'll have to go against his humanity by putting boots on the ground in Iran which would trigger what I would call the "Cold War turned Hot". I used to think he would definitely do it, but I've studied some psychology (particularly jungian theory) and I'm having doubts that he would want to be consciously responsible in any way for possibly the end of the world. I kind of want to like him because he listens and likes to apply logic unlike the other impervious, strong willed, and more pure political oppurtunists preceding him. I think Obama should just step down and let Romney do what the latter was meant to do and always wanted to do. Obama got suckered into all of this really and that's why he seems so spineless. He should just step down at the last minute and say that he didn't build the damage. If he does lose, then it will have saved his soul and he may just sabotage this if his overbearing "wife" doesn't let him step down. I also really believe that Clinton is going to back Romney because they see more eye to eye than either of them seem to Obama.

Obama and Dr. Paul (the caring old man of the people and for the people forever, America's last incarnation of Thomas Jefferson, but not the aristocratic Senator) are two prime examples of why it is up to people like Obama and myself not to run for public office and why the true intellectual elites, the natural 1%, like Dr. Paul are the best for humanity and civilization. Dr. Paul is the only person who can see eye to eye with the President other than people like myself (I'm more like the President than I initially wanted to admit) and I just wish both of them the best.

My user name was dumb as ****, but I'm sure I'll be banned again after this. I'm terribly sorry.
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