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Default vdpau issues with openSUSE 12.2 x86_64 and nvidia 304.43 drivers

Dear *,

after upgrading from an ancient (but working 11.1), mplayer doesn't like playing videos with vdpau anymore:

libavformat version 54.25.104 (internal)
AVI file format detected.
[aviheader] Video stream found, -vid 0
[aviheader] Audio stream found, -aid 1
VIDEO: [XVID] 640x352 12bpp 25.000 fps 1047.4 kbps (127.9 kbyte/s)
Clip info:
Software: VirtualDubMod (build 2178/release)
Load subtitles in ./
VDPAU nvidia: Version: NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library 304.43 Sun Aug 19 20:36:15 PDT 2012
VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 10 227 5
VDPAU nvidia: Backtrace:
--: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7f7e416d7000] DSO load base
00: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7f7e41711322]
01: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7f7e4170003a]
02: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7f7e416e10bc] vdp_imp_device_create_x11
[vdpau] Error when calling vdp_device_create_x11: 1
Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

host> vdpauinfo
display: :0 screen: 0
VDPAU nvidia: Version: NVIDIA VDPAU Driver Shared Library 304.43 Sun Aug 19 20:36:15 PDT 2012
VDPAU nvidia: Error detected 10 227 5
VDPAU nvidia: Backtrace:
--: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7fa21880f000] DSO load base
00: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7fa218849322]
01: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7fa21883803a]
02: /usr/lib64/vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 [0x7fa2188190bc] vdp_imp_device_create_x11
Error creating VDPAU device: 1

The installation looks fine, though:

Installed packages:


vdpau libs:

host:/usr/lib64# *vdpau*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 17 Sep 22 17:42 libvdpau.so.1 -> libvdpau.so.1.0.0*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 10616 Jul 16 17:34 libvdpau.so.1.0.0*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Sep 22 17:49 libvdpau_nvidia.so -> vdpau/libvdpau_nvidia.so.1*

total 1948
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 65 Sep 22 17:49 ./
drwxr-xr-x 170 root root 131072 Sep 29 15:24 ../
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 25 Sep 22 17:49 libvdpau_nvidia.so.1 -> libvdpau_nvidia.so.304.43*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1813064 Aug 29 12:28 libvdpau_nvidia.so.304.43*

On possible issue might be the interrupt crouding at #16:
16: 584984 134532785 0 0 0 0 0 0 IO-APIC-fasteoi ahci, ehci_hcd:usb1, cx88[0], cx88[0], cx88[0], nvidia

09:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G71 [GeForce 7950 GT] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. NX7950GT-VT2D512EZ-HD
Control: I/O+ Mem+ BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr- Stepping- SERR- FastB2B- DisINTx-
Status: Cap+ 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B- ParErr- DEVSEL=fast >TAbort- <TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR- INTx-
Latency: 0
Interrupt: pin A routed to IRQ 16
Region 0: Memory at f6000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]
Region 1: Memory at d0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]
Region 3: Memory at f5000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M]
Region 5: I/O ports at dc00 [size=128]
[virtual] Expansion ROM at f4fe0000 [disabled] [size=128K]
Capabilities: [60] Power Management version 2
Flags: PMEClk- DSI- D1- D2- AuxCurrent=0mA PME(D0-,D1-,D2-,D3hot-,D3cold-)
Status: D0 NoSoftRst- PME-Enable- DSel=0 DScale=0 PME-
Capabilities: [68] MSI: Enable- Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit+
Address: 0000000000000000 Data: 0000
Capabilities: [78] Express (v1) Endpoint, MSI 00
DevCap: MaxPayload 128 bytes, PhantFunc 0, Latency L0s <1us, L1 <4us
ExtTag- AttnBtn- AttnInd- PwrInd- RBE- FLReset-
DevCtl: Report errors: Correctable- Non-Fatal- Fatal- Unsupported-
RlxdOrd+ ExtTag- PhantFunc- AuxPwr- NoSnoop+
MaxPayload 128 bytes, MaxReadReq 512 bytes
DevSta: CorrErr- UncorrErr- FatalErr- UnsuppReq- AuxPwr- TransPend-
LnkCap: Port #0, Speed 2.5GT/s, Width x16, ASPM L0s L1, Latency L0 <1us, L1 <4us
ClockPM- Surprise- LLActRep- BwNot-
LnkCtl: ASPM Disabled; RCB 128 bytes Disabled- Retrain- CommClk-
ExtSynch- ClockPM- AutWidDis- BWInt- AutBWInt-
LnkSta: Speed 2.5GT/s, Width x4, TrErr- Train- SlotClk+ DLActive- BWMgmt- ABWMgmt-
Capabilities: [100 v1] Virtual Channel
Caps: LPEVC=0 RefClk=100ns PATEntryBits=1
Arb: Fixed- WRR32- WRR64- WRR128-
Ctrl: ArbSelect=Fixed
Status: InProgress-
VC0: Caps: PATOffset=00 MaxTimeSlots=1 RejSnoopTrans-
Arb: Fixed- WRR32- WRR64- WRR128- TWRR128- WRR256-
Ctrl: Enable+ ID=0 ArbSelect=Fixed TC/VC=ff
Status: NegoPending- InProgress-
Capabilities: [128 v1] Power Budgeting <?>
Kernel driver in use: nvidia

Any idea, what's wrong here and how to solve it?
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