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Originally posted by Blakhart
lower refresh (say 75 Hz or slightly faster as minimum)

via could not pay me to install any 4n1s other than those that are in xp or 2k natively...
Uh Refresh rate? But totaly Agree i wouldn't let any VIA software near my system since WinXP. Im my experience they have only caused problems.
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The refresh rate, if too high, can be a performance detriment to the vid card. As an ensample, my friend gets a higher score in 3dmark(yuck) with 85 Hz than with 100Hz. This on a gf4ti4400.
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Is this a recent upgrade to the GF4? There may be issues with previous drivers if that is the case.

What other processes do you have running in the background, programs like Virus Checkers, SETI, etc may cause stuttering. I have this problem when I am running SETI and Apache web server plus a few other progs.

The SB Live also has/had a few issues with interrupt stealing across the PCI bus. If everything else fails; uninstall the SB and remove it from the machine. If that cures the problem try re-installing it in another slot.

Run DXDiag from the start menu, if you look at the display section it will give you the lowdown on your card. It will also tell whether AGP support is active, if it isn't then you have an issue with your MB drivers. Try re-installing the VIA set.

Good Luck...
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