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Post Play Grand Theft Auto IV as an elephant. Or a dragon. Or with the Slender Man.

Perhaps crime doesn't pay ' but what if you were an elephant? Or a dragon? Or a nightmare creature? In those cases, you may have an entirely different concept of what 'pay' means. The Slender Man, I'm guessing, does not take a wage. Dragons are hoarders. Elephants just want to get them some fruit, bark and leaves. For sixteen hours a day. Or else they'll starve to death.

The point is, Liberty City is a very different place if you're running over pedestrians as anyone other than a traumatised war veteran ' and GTA IV modder indirivacua has a talent for, well, adding psychotic safari animals and mythological creatures to Grand Theft Auto IV. We've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who Grand Theft Auto V's protagonist is going to be ' but honestly, I'd rather it be farm animal. Seriously. Rockstar? Keep the voice actor. That's fine. Just let me play as a horse. Let me play out the tragedy of a world-weary horse of action.

Here, via PCGamesN, is an elephant running people over:

Here's a giraffe.

Here's a man punching the Slender Man until he falls down.

A dragon, who appears to be hammered.

Finally: indirivacua's horse, taking it to the limit.

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