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GF FX5200
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Angry X Freezes every 10-15 Minutes GF 5200 - NVidia, HEAR OUR CRIES! GPL your drivers!

I've noticed a growing trend of freezing GeForce 5xxx series cards. I have been playing around with different configs, I have even removed all TrueType fonts from my machine thinking it was something to do with that. What I have discovered is that it has to do with it calling openGL functions. I found that when I took off all my fonts, and stayed away from opengl, I had hours and hours of fun in X (TTfontless) but then I left my computer alone. And what happens when your computer is alone for too long? IT tries to run screen savers.. WEll, That was one thing I had forgotten about that ran OPENGL and would you know .. X froze

SO Nvidia, if you are out there and actually read these boards... Please help us figure out this mess.

Perhaps an upgrade to the latest MESA CVS is in order? Or perhaps .. a GPL driver set is in order? HMM?

Thank you.

RH 9
512MB Ram
Duron, K7SEM (On board everything)
Latest NVIDIA drivers (As of this posting)

Disabled AGPGART, enable NVagp, disabled ACPI

Section "Module"
Load "dbe"
#Load "extmod"
#Load "fbdevhw"
Load "glx"
#Load "record"
Load "freetype"
Load "type1"
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Default No solve

I just wanted to tell you that i experience exactly the same problem!
And we are not the only ones, this seems to be a greater problem in the nvidia-kernel / driver
The only solution i have for now is using the "nv"-driver, this one has no accelerated Glx, but does not crash every once in a while.
Btw: I have the same effect on different Cards, one Geforce3 one GForce4, on different machines (one dual PIII one Athlon1800).
So, i dont think that there will be a quick solution _we_ are able to implement - It's up to you NVidia!
And only bought the Geforce, cause there is a driver for linux available with glx-acceleration.... probably i should go and get an ATI instead, these drivers seem to work ok ;-)

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