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Post Video: Quantum Computer Simulations using Supercomputers


In this video, Francisco R. Villatoro from the University of Malaga presents: Quantum Computer Simulations using Supercomputers.
The computing power of a quantum computer grows exponentially with its size. Hence, the simulation of quantum computers and quantum algorithms by means of using (classical) computer require high performance facilities. Currently, the record is the simulation of a 42-qubit implementation of Shor's factoring algorithm capable of factoring 15707=113x139, done in the J├╝lich supercomputer JUGENE (with almost 300,000 processors and a computing power of one quadrillion floating-point operations per second). Such simulations are very important in order to determine the effect of decoherence in the future quantum computers. This talk will summarize current state of the art.'

Recorded at theHPC Advisory Council Spain Workshop 2012 in Malaga.

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