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Post World of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria review in progress

Mists of Pandaria is the fifth World of Warcraft expansion, taking the eternal sort-of-battle between Horde and Alliance to a brand new, Asian themed corner of Azeroth. Most of the classic species have been to night-school to learn the ways of the Monk, while both Horde and Alliance welcome a new member ' the neutral Pandaren, whose homeland is about to be torn apart by several million kill-crazy players in search of gold, glory and ever tougher monsters to beat into a fine paste in the name of loot.

But can this new world turn around World of Warcraft's recent fortunes, or is it just pandaren? Join us in the Mists of Pandaria review in progress all week for regular dispatches from the furry frontier.

Update 0: Preparing For Pandaria

Monday 24th September, 10:55PM

They're not just humanoid pandas. They're also a little monk-ey.

Lok'tar ogar, everyone ' or if you're Alliance, 'die Alliance scum'. Welcome to the review in progress of Mists of Pandaria, where I'll be sharing my thoughts on this expansion and lots of comments will no doubt be calling me an idiot for never getting King Varian Wynne's name right. We'll be getting started on that and the mysteries of this new land soon enough‚?¶ but first, a quick bit of admin.

World of Warcraft has many, many types of players, and hopefully you'll get something out of this whatever type you are. That said, if there's a focus, it's going to be the generally accessible content rather than hard mode dungeons and theorycrafting, with a particular focus on how Pandaria changes things up for players who may have lapsed after Cataclysm or are in need of something to rekindle that World of Warcraft passion once again. If you're an active player, it's not like you have a choice about upgrading anyway ' 85 is going to be the loneliest number by next week. We'll also be looking at the world from the Horde side, because I'm sending my Undead mage to Pandaria.

Finally, because I'm playing the game at the same time as filing updates and there's a lot of stuff to check out in a fairly short amount of time, I may not have much time to respond to questions or comments directly. I will be reading them though, including the mean ones, and will try and respond to what I can or check out things you want to see checked out if at all possible.

In our first update, servers-willing, we start things off with a trip to the brand new starting area, the Wandering Isle. It's not Pandaria, but it's the best place to learn the ways of the Monk‚?¶

Update 0b: On Your Marks‚?¶ Get Set‚?¶

Monday 24th September, 11:00PM

Goodness. There's a lot of people in Orgrimmar tonight. Is something big happening?

Blizzard promised that when Mists of Pandaria went live, it would simply spring into life even if you were on the server making Achievement based puns ' your marching orders just appearing, with no need to quit and relog in or do any last minute patching. Ha! As if that would ever work as plann‚?¶


‚?¶that actually worked as planned. At least on my server. Not a bad start.

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