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Erm some of the physics in Doom3 actually sound like physics in real life. One of Nutty's previous post talks about how light is distributed across a service. And how each triagle's normal is figured for the light. Well if you ever took optics you know this applies. Carmack is pretty smart and I'm just waiting to see what he has come up with. Sure screenshots are nice but I want the full game.

As for HL2, I heard it wasn't that impressive. But I stopped listening to peoples opinions because most are biased anyway. Can't trust review sites or even the developers themselves. Everything seems to be burried under lies and all just marketing ploys to get you to spend you money. Well that is sort of thier job.. but if they were more up front about it, it would be nice.

Doom3 looks good to me. The shadows look look fine in that you don't see "softened" shadows in real life. Some might look blurry because of low light and background light. But I assure you if you stand in front of a flood light your shadow will be pretty hard lined. And I am glad ID hasn't over used bump mapping. People are like "wow it looks real!!" Yet where is something super bumpy and shiny? Maybe a concrete wall thats been painted over is bumpy and shiny. Or the walls in your house might have a texture to it.. but its not shiny. So I really don't like the overuse of bump mapping and all this other stuff.
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for the new people ,dont miss this interesting article by the WIred magazine...
of Doom3...


Carmack had long perceived the world through an Impressionist lens, with light being key to perception. Now he was beginning to see realistic, dynamic lighting as the last remaining roadblock between the current state of game graphics and the Pixar-quality engine he envisions. Dressed in jeans and a white Advanced Micro Devices T-shirt, Carmack sat at his desk and pecked at his PC. Onscreen, a bloodred cube hovered below a matrix of white lamps. As the cube spun, it cast a variety of shadows on the steel-colored walls surrounding it. The interplay looked compelling, Carmack thought, reaching for his soda, but he still had to figure out how to unify the light-surface interactions. More urgently, he needed another diet Coke. When he rose from his desk, his photosensitivity lingered like a hangover. He was so immersed in his task that he saw the world around him as an optical display. In the shower the next morning, three perfect bars of light reflected on the tiles. Hey, Carmack thought - that's a diffuse illumination by a specular reflection. For centuries, artists have tried to capture the effects of light to present an image just as the eye sees it; Monet meticulously painted every spot of sunlight on the London's Parliament building at different times of the day. Today's game developers struggle with the same thing. "It's about creating a suspension of disbelief, and the thing that lets you do that is lighting," says Andy Thompson, director of advanced technology marketing for ATI Technologies, the Ontario-based company that manufactures Radeon graphics cards. "Lighting is critical to making people think a game is real."
yep.. ligthing is critical for realism ,but not only for games , but for professional graphics too. in the article is interesting that carmack already see that PIxars graphics quality in games is around the corner.
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Sorry but The shadows in splinter cell look BETTER period.

End of.
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why not just say that they look better in your oppinion?

It's just, ummmm.... how should i put this, DUMB to ask for flames.

BTW: IMO D3 looks better
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Shadows in splinter cell have errors, go thru doors and things like that not really that impressive imo.
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I think MrNasty just wants us to know he hates DooM 3.

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