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"I was wrong", said Chris
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From what I understand, the source code had partial source code for Half-Life 1 and Team Fortress 1. I guess since the source code is not complete, Half-Life 1 does not exist/is not finished too. It's funny how Steam installed the full version of those games on my computer.
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Originally posted by rth
just because he's broken a law doesn't necessarily make him untrustworthy.

all he's done is hacked a PC and stolen some code. some of you out there have driven a car and gone above the speed limit. that actually PUTS PEOPLE'S LIVES AT RISK. so I'd trust this evil dirty thief over you hateful dangerous psychotics any day of the week...

about the scripted door - he actually tells people to test it themselves. has anyone done this? someone here must have the code.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was a significant connection to nvidia though.
I like that, someone actually useing real life situations in a forum for once to put a crime/action of another into perspective. I feel this corprate issue is nothing more that entertainment just like teh game their making. (video games are not real or important enough to have people start judging other people) Valve is a company that takes peoples money, nothing more. They can handle them their probs well enough with out fanboys trying to defend them.

In the end poor valve is gonna get your cash and their gonna be even more rich and your gonna like it.

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I don't think there was a hacker,

I think Valve intentionally leaked it out and feigned themselves as victim. It convinces the publisher to delay without penalizing them. On HL1 the biggest problem they had was the INTENSE pressure to SHIP THE DAMN GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it wasn't ready, so finally they shipped and they felt like their hinds were chewed off.

So with HL2, everything is coming along fine and dandy, until all of a sudden out of no where and by coincidence they got hacked when they were suppose to have released.

I don't buy it, I can understand them selling out to ATI too, ATI has more money on hand now. They forked out more in the auction, what annoys me is how everyone acts all surprised.

This stuff has been going on forever, I can't believe anyone forgot how 3dfx and Epic were in bed, and Unreal/Tournament ran like GARBAGE on anything but 3dfx hardware, even when it was very inferior. I didn't see near as much complaining as I do about this whole Valve thing. Epic even admitted to it back then.

"3dfx has been way to good to us, we're not going to be pushing anything but the Voodoo3 in our software as long as its around, we may put more work into D3D for marketing reasons though" - Mark Rein

"Unreal really has its roots in 3dfx, they did alot of advertising and its only fair"- Tim Sweeney

"3dfx agreed to sponsor the demo launch of UT under the condition we release the Glide demo only for about a week" - Mark Rein

Now Valve is in bed with ATI, and everyone is pissed about that?
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Default Re: The Stinking Lying theif Speaks take 2

Originally posted by Hellbinder
It is my belief that The Perp has some connection to, or involvement with Nvidia.
Originally posted by Hellbinder
6. ... Produce the Goods or Shut up.
After you...
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Saint Lucifer
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I think Valve intentionally leaked it out and feigned themselves as victim. It convinces the publisher to delay without penalizing them.
I'm just curious. Does it hurt when you say such remarkably stupid things?

Do us all a favour and think about what you're saying. Intentionally releasing your own source code just to encourage a delay is tantamount to burning your house down so that you don't have to go to work the next day.

I hate to disappoint all of the people looking for conspiracies, but there is no conspiracy! Yes, folks... the KGB didn't resurrect Adolf Hitler so he could steal Santa Claus' body and pose as the fat man in order for him to plant mind control devices in every single Furby which would make it into Gabe's house as he gave them to his children. Furthermore, the Furby was not a ninja working for Nvidia and the Tooth Fairy in a fiendish plot to steal Gabe's source code.

All of this isn't directed towards Oldskool. I'm just tired of seeing people make these rediculous accusations.
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"I was wrong", said Chris
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There is absolutely no way they would ever purposely leak their own source code! What was leaked was millions of dollars worth of source code they worked hard on for years. That is the last thing they would ever do. There are a million other things they could do to get out of their self-imposed deadline. They would have rather provided the full game for you to download free of charge rather than have this code stolen from them. Again, what possible motive would they have had to announce a deadline they knew they could not achieve? There is not a single programmer on this plannet stupid enough to leak their own source code. I think people don't realise just how damaging this leak is.
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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Well, he is a thief. Not all hackers steal things, so he's a hacking thief.
ROFL!! That was a Good One Stealth
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I was not implying that Hitler was resurrected, that the Illuminati have started armageddon, or that the anti-christ stole the source.

I was conveying that I wouldn't put it past Valve to leak it.

The comment on burning your own house down is very interesting, because people burn their posessions to collect on insurance. Not that there is a HL2 insurance.

But it would make a very easy way to delay a game, without fear of retaliation from the publisher. id's deal with activision is about the ONLY instance I can recall where the publisher didn't make the final call on ship date. Oh yeah, DNF, forgot that one too.

In this case, the alibi is "We wouldn't be that stupid so as to leak our source code"

Hence, everyone just automatically assumes that Valve did not do that. Don't get me wrong, I like Valve. I would still like Valve, because HL2 will rock when/if it ships. I'm sure it's a wonderful piece of software.

But sometimes the simplest explanation tends to be the correct one, and it seems a bit complex that a hacker chose to get HL2 instead of Halo 2, DNF (HA!), or the Doom3 source code.

I realize that a game of HL2's popularity singles it out, but the timing of this just seems fishy. The way the leak was announced also seems odd, almost as though they knew about this before it were to happen.

Oh but I forgot, according to St Lucifer this would constitute that Hitler is alive again, that DNF went gold, Kobe Bryant is innocent, OJ comes out and says he did it, and Rosie O'Donnell goes straight.

I want to blow my load all over Jeri Ryan
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I admit to not wanting much to do with this soap opera on a personal level so I've been reading these threads with my moderator glasses on for the most part. Here's my position - apparently, this fruitcake claims he's got the entire HL2 source which ammounts to 1.5 GB of data. That just seems too small for source code...

Maybe it's the hype or my own expectations but it wouldn't surprize me if the final HL2 build weighs in at 2.5-3GB. Considering optized code is something that's relatively foreign in the software industry (hell, something as simple as an placeholder can be missed more often that not and it's much easier to just kick out with fatter harddrive capacities), it's just seems that the source code would be much larger than 1.5 GBs.
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Originally posted by The Baron
Psst. Stealth. Comedy.
Naw, the guy was being sarcastic/condescending.
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The Conspiracy Theories:

1) Insidious nVidia Slips In, Slips Out

nVidia secretly set out to undermine Valve through any means necessary. After losing the auction due to Valve's uncompromising morality on the issue of DirectX 9 where all other developers bent over for them and after nVidia offered a ton more money than ATI, Valve still gave Half-Life 2 to ATI because they like ATI better and ATI is swell and stayed within the boundaries of DX9. Because of this, nVidia despised them. As a fallback position, nVidia agents--secretly while routinely doing optimization work with Valve during the Detonator 50 Days--implanted several keystroke mappers to ensure that if Valve stepped out of line, there would be consequences. On the day of the Big Slap, nVidia quietly nodded to themselves. For they had told Valve that if they stepped out of line, there would be consequences.

A day later, the word was sent out. "Download everything. Including the porn." Massive amounts of traffic begin. Entire art assets, source code, Newell's next anti-nVidia speech, and his checkbook were all slowly sucked through the pipe. An insidious nvidia executive, cloaked in shadows and no doubt smoking a large, fat cigar that glows at the end, cackles in wicked delight.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

2) Valve's Power Over the Weakminded

Valve announces months ago that they were going to release on September 30th after having not even talked about the game until this year. HURRAH! We all cheer. We all praise the gods for there can be no better game to come this year but Half-Life 2. All other games fall by the wayside. Doom 3 slips to next year because honestly Carmack is shaking in his little boots at the thought of Half-Life 2's gaming goodness. But the question remains... can Newell get that game out this year? And of course we all say, "YES! Why would he announce it and then not make the deadline? Why not just keep us in ignorance unless he would have it done beyond a shadow of a doubt!" Some even went so far as to claim the game was done now, but for a few graphics card optimizations.

Months pass. July is here. Planethalflife says they don't think its going to make it, but everyone laughs at their lack of faith. Vaders everywhere hiss, "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Insert heavy bass and throatchoking.

"Enough of this, Vader. Release him!"

August, September. Oh, glorious September, we all say. Its here, hip-hip-hooray! Newell is still saying, 30th. As late as a gamer going to visit Valve, Newell says its on schedule for the 30th of September. PlanetHalfLife is having spasms now crying to the throngs of disbelieving masses, "Its not coming," they say. Nobody cares what they think. Vivendi says its not coming. Nobody cares what they say. September 15th. Shouldn't it be gold? Nobody cares. September 19th. Shouldn't it be gold? Nobody cares.

Around about September 20th, two things happen.

a) Valve slaps nVidia around, bashing them for releasing substandard cards, how dare they! As a result of this, Valve is going to partner with ATI, praise ATI at an ATI event, and make sure the world knows that nVidia is evil and worthy of scorn and hatred. All ye who have nVidia cards throw them out on the streets and drive your cards over them! Buy only ATI from now on for Newell said so! 3dmark was right! Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (shudder) was right! Down with nVidia.
b) Then a little bit later, in a whisper, no press releases, just a few mentions on websites.... Half-Life 2 delayed.

Us: "What was that, you said Valve? Delayed?"
Newell: "nVidia is evil! Do not go with them, we spent weeks working with them to get their cards working and they suck, we hate them, they are market leaders and most other companies have no problems optimizing for their hardware in some way, but we tried and we failed because our game is just too damn DirectX 9..."
Us: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm outraged too, but ... what did you say about a delay?"
Newell: "Do not buy any FX's. DO NOT BUY THEM! DO NOT! THey are all about making developers suffer in sweatshops! We hate them, their hardware is substandard, even we could not believe how bad..."
Us: "Wow... that's terrible... what was I saying about a delay?"
Newell: "Yes, I know... it is terrible. Delay? Oh, you were saying nothing about a delay... well, except that you understand how we were delayed in trying to fix the FX to work..." Newell waves his hand and twiddles his fingers, "There is no delay. There is only hatred for nVidia for daring to not be the card Microsoft used as the standard for DX9."
Us hypnotized: "Yes... there is no delay... We only have hatred for nVidia... hate nVidia for daring to be substandard... we shall hate them... but... but... there was a del--"
Newell waves his hand again: "No! No delay... only hatred for nVidia... our game will come to prove it... have no doubt... It will come..."
Us: "Yes, it will come... it will... but... but... when...?" The last comes weakly.
Us: "What? Hacked? No! NO! You can't delay it because of the hacker..."
Newell: "Yes, its the hacker..."
Us: "We hate you, Hacker!"
Hacker: "What the hell? I stole all their code, show it to you en masse, and you honestly believe the game was anywhere near completion! You are idiots! Valve was going to delay...!"
Newell: "Do not listen to him. He lies... he is evil.... like nVidia."
Hellbinder: "Evil like nVidia... mmm... doughnuts..."
Us: "He lies... evil... like nVidia..."
Hacker: "I've given back everything that I said I took and proved everything I said so far... but Newell... he's the one who lied... he said the game was on schedule as soon as the 15th of September and yet entire portions of the game are incomplete and now the entire game, not just Steam, is being delayed until April... get a clue!"
Newell: "Do not pay him any mind... the game is coming now next year because of the evil hacker... get me his name, his address, his social security number, and his credit card numbers..."
Us: "Yesssss, master..."

3) The Game Valve's Played

Valve secretly sets out to cause its own delay by faking a hack. Valve, not content to delay constantly as they did with Half-Life and Team Fortress 2, decides that faking its own hack will be a fun diversion for the publisher. By the time Vivendi realizes they've been duped by those whacky folks at Valve, the game will be ready. What fun! Its probably Newell being the "anonymous hacker."

4) The Way Valve's Meant to be Played

Valve, being innocent and good, realizes that they will not be able to release the game on the 30th months in advance and attempt to communicate this fact to the gaming public. However, ATI, who has already tempted Newell with the moneys for an exclusive OEM contract for their game, tells them that if they do that the deal is off. Newell, seeing his fleeting hopes for sex, drugs, and alcoholic fits in a jacuzzi slipping away, turns to his ATI taskmasters and begs them to find an acceptable solution. They cannot really delay like that and not have it seen. So ATI's overlords, dark creatures whose pictures oftentimes are plastered on the fronts of their video cards' boxes, tell them that it is all in talons. It will be taken care of.

ATI secretly uses the fact that Half-Life 2 will be bundled in their video cards as a hype-building point, using it even when everyone involved knows that the card will not have any Half-Life 2 disc because the game's nowhere near completion. They leak early rumors that the deal went down and let everyone begin buzzing about it. ATI's overlords know that this buzz will not be nearly as effective if the truth about Valve's game being nowhere near completed comes out. So for a month and a half, everyone gossips about how great its going to be to save money by buying an ATI card. Then the infamous press releases come and with more money and drugs and sex and alcolohism, Newell gives a long schpill about how nVidia is behind and evil and they tried everything in their power, but don't use nVidia's latest drivers, make sure to use their drivers from last year because those are the only ones that perform poorly enough to match his remarks. Reporters all eat it up and Newell nervously looks across the room to the shadows. Evil red eyes look out and a soft, eerie laugh comes from there. Newell, after the release, whispers to them, for they have become voices in his head as they control him now and keep him in line through telepathic annoyance, "But how long can they be kept distracted by this?"

~*Long enough for our cards to come.... long enough for our cards to come and go...*~

5) Valve's Shock and Our Awe

Valve is actually a secret branch of al-quaeda. Newell reports to Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein directly. They are actually relaxing in his office even as I type this missive. I am endangering my life by simply reporting this fact. The rest of Valve was eliminated in a midnight coup d'etat of the entire Valve building. Only Newell was spared and he is being held hostage secretly. Seeing the ability to undermine the security of America's new generation of computer users, they have had him to attack several key institutions. First, they had him attack nVidia, a known supporter of the US government and patriotic company. Insidious! Second, they had him support a Canadian company whose Chinese and Indian connections are well-known. No one hates the United States and intends to infiltrate and slowly replace the noble Americans more than those plentiful Chinese and pesky Indians. Third, by delaying the game, a great unrest is caused throughout the core of the gaming community. Many gamers will begin to buy more sodas to stay up later and pray for an early release. Others will begin to make strange posts about the company's lack of release, including conspiracy theories, thus wasting more of our time. Soon, all we will do is distract ourselves with why we aren't killing new-age headcrabs, but are instead sullying ourselves with crapfests like Max Payne 2: The Fall of Payne (rumored to have been previously subtitled: The Payne in my Butt) and Tron 2.0 (The Next Reboot).

Clearly, this is a direct retaliatory strike against us for liberating Iraq. Oh, the horror. The horror.

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I ain't gonna quote all that, but I have just one thing to say:

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