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Talking Monitor Probs !!


Posted this in the Graphics card Forum and had no response, thought i'd try here.

I'm a total Linux novice (Lindiot ?) and need some help.

I've just downloaded RH9 iso's and installed them. Pretty much using the default values and selecting GRUB as my boot manager. I have two problems.

1. I already have Win XP installed and want to have the choice of booting to Linux or XP on startup. Having selected GRUB I was hoping this would be the answer, but when I boot I go straight into XP.

Is there a way I can have an OS choice ?

2. I can get my RH9 to start by using my Boot floppy, but I end up with my monitor out of H & V sync and have no screen display.

How can I alter the sync so that I can see something ?

Linux (Ubuntu - Intrepid Ibis)/Win XP Pro
Gigabyte GA7N400 Pro
AMD XP3000+
Inno3D 6600GT 128mb
3x 512mb DDR400 PC3200 RAM
80gb Barracuda (SATA 0)
160b Maxtor (SATA 1)
60gb WD600AB(IDE 3)
Sony CRX230ED(IDE 1)
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as to my knowledgw you cannot change the boot option now, since winxp does not recognize the linux partition.
guess u will have to boot through the floppy and make the changes in RH9..
boot into the console instead of booting directly into X and check whether the monitor drivers are installed correctly
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As for your grub problem search google for a grub HOWTO. Also there are many good docs at www.gentoo.org, I believe the gentoo installation doc has a section on how to configure grub for multi os boot.

Your X problem can usually be fixed by logging into linux and as root run the command xf86config. When this program is finished it will have created the file /etc/X11/XF86Config where all X settings are stored. If X is acting up try editing this file and make sure the correct sync values for your screen is there. (Check the monitor manual for those specs)
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