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Default Re: FX 5950U & FX 5700U bench

Originally posted by halduemilauno
This is now available


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Thumbs up

Thanx guys, reading time
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Post Anand crowns FX5700 Ultra performance king of midrange video cards


We're all in it together.

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Smile The GFFX 5700....

Looks like awesome card to me However, for $20 bucks more you can get a GFFX 5900 with 256 bit memory instead of 128 bit
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Interesting. Certainly makes for a nice mid-ranged card (though as the previous poster said, you can get an FX5900 for $230 or so now so that would be a better deal). Though one thing really suprises me on that article...it shows a TI4200 coming in around a 9700 and a 9800 on a few tests
Jeez, makes me feel like my overclocked TI4200 is the fastest card on the planet

Oh well, looks like Nvidia has recovered a bit from the NV30 fiasco. Nice to see that ATI will be getting some competition again, hopefully prices will go down a bit and they'll stop just renaming their old cards and selling them for the same price year after year.
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Cool Nvidia reclaiming their position as a mainstream leader


We managed to increase our original score by a modest two and half frames, which, as you may guess, came out to a 13% increase in the frame rate. Not exactly something to write home about, but it was still nice to see that there was some room to play with. It should also be noted that the 5600 Ultra was clocked at 400MHz, so we have already gotten a 75MHz boost to begin with. Add in the overclocking, and you're looking at 137MHz over the 5600 Ultra. A quick check of the scores has the overclocked 5700 Ultra nearly doubling the output of the 5600 Ultra.

Once again we see the two biggest names in the graphics industry trading blows. One week it's ATi taking the lead with the impressive Radeon 9600 XT, then this week we find NVIDIA reclaiming their position as a mainstream leader. Although the mighty GeForce FX 5950 Ultra also emerges from the shadows on this day, its price makes it a somewhat prohibitive purchase, best left for those with large budgets. The bulk of sales has and always will be in the mainstream market, and NVIDIA has released a superb entry into this burgeoning field. It's almost a shame to label the 5700 Ultra as a mainstream unit, since its performance was top notch in all of our benchmarks and it comes with some solid features like a 475MHz 0.13 micron process GPU and 128MB of DDR2 memory. The new ForceWare drivers have taken a full step in correcting some of the shader problems we have seen with GeForce FX cards using Detonator drivers of the past. Until they make the switch to PCI Express, expected in the first half of 2004, this just may be the card for current owners of GeForce Ti 4200 or FX 5200/5600 cards to get in order to play newer DX9 titles like HalfLife 2 or Doom3.

NVIDIA releases the GeForce FX 5700 Ultra just in time for Halloween, with no tricks, just a lot of treats, and we're giving it a 9.5 on the HotHardware Heat Meter, and an Editor's Choice Award.
This is da best review of nvidia i have seen in months
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Tom's Hardware is biased as hell.

They claim ATI cheats in image quality.
And they clearly select programs that ATI has problems with.

I cant believe people still buy this crap.
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d0d u have been drinking 2 much ! :P

did u even borther to click the link ??

FYI, its not tomshardware
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Well, I would call it mostly a draw, since both the 5700 and 9600TX win their share of benchmark and game tests.
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Yeah, the 5700 Ultra is looking to at least be competative with ATi's offering in that range.

It's kind of refreshingly different.
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I think the 5700ultra is going to be a good mid stream card,glad to see they are makeing a step forward compared to the 5600ultra.
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I dont think it is accurate at all to say that Nvidia has regained the lead. Sure if you bench Quake over and over in different flavors.. But the majority of modern games are Considerably faster on the XT. Just look at the newley released max payne 2 as one example.

DH review with non standard benchmark levels shows the XT beating the 5700U even in UT2003 wih AA+AF. Which is something to consider with all these main stream reviews. Once you factor in DX9 or even modern games with heavy use of Any Pixel Shaders the XT takes a sizable lead in nearly every case.

There are a group of games that if you play exclusively the 5700U is the clear choice. Especially if your Games are primarily OpenGL.
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