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Post Vegas in full swing: a CES centerfold

Chris Foresman

  1. Chris Foresman
    Las Vegas Hotel (formerly Hilton)

    The Ars crew stayed at the Las Vegas Hotel, conveniently located right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

  2. Andrew Cunningham
    The King

    January 8th is Elvis Presley's birthday! So glad we didn't forget this year.

  3. Andrew Cunningham

    Plenty had already happened at CES, but the show floor didn't even open until Tuesday.

  4. Upward bound

    Ridin' the escalator in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

  5. Chris Foresman
    Say 'cheese!'

    Lee marvels at the flexibility of Canon's 24-105mm f/4 L-series lens, which he rented to use at CES.

  6. Say 'cheese!' again

    Florence posing in front of JVC's 3D camera.

  7. Not candy

    A jar of earphone caps.

  8. Kyle Orland
    Need for speed

    Kyle tries out this rad Thrustmaster racing and flight simulation setup. Complete with a force feedback chair and three screens, it can be yours for the low, low price of $40,000. The steering wheel alone is a cool $600.

  9. Kyle Orland
    Get your motor running

    A particularly nasty bump in the virtual racing seat knocks a wisp of balding hair out of place.

  10. Behold! Tablet Man.

    In the future, this is what clothes will look like.

  11. Chris Foresman
    OK, just one iPhone case.

    Chris Foresman says: I'm personally not a fan of iPhone cases, but I grew to like the new ampjacket while at CES. The lightweight case acts as a passive amplifier for the iPhone's built in speaker, and it still fits comfortably in your pants pocket.

  12. Chris Foresman
    Designer hard drives

    LaCie had its new limited edition, designer hard drive on hand at CES. The heavy, solid metal chassis was designed by Philippe Starck and bears a passing resemblance to the mega-yacht he designed for the late Steve Jobs.

  13. Kyle Orland
    Skating away

    Kyle getting the hang of a pair of Spinkix remote controlled skates. It felt surprisingly natural after five minutes or so.

  14. Chris Foresman
    All ears

    There are hundreds of companies hawking cases and headphones for iPhone and Android users. Trying to stand out from the crowd can lead to products like this: plush, animal print headphones with built-in ears.

  15. Andrew Cunningham
    Ray tracing

    Imagination Technology's Caustic R2500 ray tracing card: something cool that you'll actually be able to buy later this month.

  16. Kyle Orland
    The doctor is real in

    iRobot demonstrates a telepresence doctor roaming the showfloor aisles, just looking for sick people, I guess.

  17. Kyle Orland

    If this portable NES/SNES combo with TV output and controller inputs had come out in 1993 or so, I would have wet my pants with excitement.

  18. Chris Foresman
    Press room at Mandalay Bay

    Since thousands of tech journalists are covering CES, the press room fills up quickly.

  19. Chris Foresman
    Tools for podcasters

    The new Nessie USB microphone from Blue is sort of an evolution of its affordable Snowball. It has built-in DSP hardware for dynamic, adaptive processing specifically for voice and music recording.

  20. Smart brick

    LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is built around this third-generation Mindstorms power brick, which can connect to a smartphone or tablet for remote control.

  21. Careful, he bites

    This little guy is one of the five robot designs included with the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3.

  22. Canon PowerShot N

    Canon was showing off its perplexing PowerShot N camera, which is purportedly designed to "maximize creativity." The tiny digicam has unusual zoom and shutter controls which are actually metal rings around the lens.

  23. Chris Foresman
    Android camera

    Polaroid is the latest camera company to jump on the Android camera bandwagon. Its new camera will ship with 4.1 Jellybean.

  24. Chris Foresman
    Nikon pumps up the megapixels

    Nikon was showing off its newest DSLR, the mid-range D5200. It has a 24MP APS-C size sensor, an articulating LCD display, and tons of buttons and dials.

  25. Chris Foresman
    Hangin' tough

    Ruggedized, all-weather cameras are a hot trend these days. Olympus' latest Stylus Tough has an optional waterproof fisheye lens attachment for capturing "extreme" action.

  26. Vogue

    A model strikes a pose.

  27. Chris Foresman
    'At least use Linux.'

    Vint Cerf chides someone in the audience for using a Windows PC instead of a Mac. "As long as you're running Linux, that's ok," he said. "But you're probably running Windows, aren't you?"

  28. Chris Foresman
    Hello, Mr. Cerf.

    IT Reporter Jon Brodkin asks Vint Cerf about the need for net neutrality regulation.

  29. Blurry eyes

    LG asks us to PLEASE pick up our 3D glasses.

  30. Casey Johnston
    Televisual hug

    A curved 4K TV from Samsung.

  31. Casey Johnston
    So much TV

    Two gentlemen face-first in an 8K TV from Sharp, presumably trying to find the pixels. Good luck.

  32. Casey Johnston

    A bike controller for a smart TV biking game app, for the discerning woman who has everything.

  33. Chris Foresman
    Pondering the 'Internet of Things'

    Casey Johnston, Andrew Cunningham, and Florence Ion debate the utility of Internet-enabled refrigerators.

  34. Andrew Cunningham
    CES sign

    The sun sets on our second full day at CES.

  35. Kyle Orland
    Mint Condition

    When the booth attendants are done for the day, they're powered down and placed back in these form fitting carrying cases.

  36. Kyle Orland
    'As your attorney, I advise you...'

    From left to right: Joe Mullin, Chris Foresman, Casey Johnston, Andrew Cunningham, and Lee "Mad Stacks" Hutchinson.

  37. Chris Foresman

    The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts CES. But even after the sun goes down, the area buzzes with activity.

Las Vegas Hotel (formerly Hilton)

The Ars crew stayed at the Las Vegas Hotel, conveniently located right next to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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