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Post Tesla Model S and Audi S7 Rev Up NVIDIA Booth (Video)

Booth babes are a dime a dozen at CES. NVIDIA has something better going for it ' a Tesla Model S and Audi S7.

The sexy sedans, parked front and center at our booth, have helped draw more than a thousand visitors an hour through our booth.

The two cars were mobbed by people clambering in and out of the cars and snapping pictures of their next-generation in-dash displays in action.

They rely on Tegra processors to power displays that control vehicle functions, multimedia playback, Google-powered GPS navigation, and more.

Take a deep dive into our automotive technology story with Danny Shapiro, NVIDIA's director of automotive, in the video below.

More than a few couldn't believe the displays in the two cars ' which are standard equipment on each model ' were real.

'That's a prototype, right?' Carey Tisler asked as he gawked at the 17-inch dashboard mounted control panel in the Model S.

Nope, another booth attendee told him, that's a production vehicle.

'The display is just phenomenal,' said Donald Jefffries, a Hollywood sales exec, as he gazed at the Model S. 'It's like a spaceship.'

'It's smooth, quick, and responsive,' said Ivan Lee, who works at a microwave communications company, as he stepped out of the silver Model S after trying out its digital ****pit. 'Some day I want to own one.'

A few feet away, attendees sunk deep into the Audi's luxurious leather seats. 'I love how the display comes out of the dash,' said Scott Zipkin, a music exec, as he checked out the Audi's pop up display.

'I could just sleep in here,' said Angus Lee, who sells stuff on eBay for a living, after he cranked up the volume on the Audi's sound system, kicked back, and played with the car's display.

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