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Default 304.64 Driver & GeForce 6600; Black Boot up!


I have been at this for nearly two weeks now and I have not gained any ground, so I am hoping this forum will have some form of solution for me as I have literally tried everywhere this could concern. So here is the issue.

Upon installing the correct driver and restart, I am greetly normally when I boot up and log in. My resolution is fine, my nvidia settings is up to date but this is only so if I do not use my GPU (list below). As soon as my GPU is in the system and I reboot, no matter the distro, I am given weird static screens (lines running through the screen), red lined screens after that, and then finally an all black screen when I get to the point where I am supposed to log in. There is no way to get into Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edbuntu, Manjaro or Fedora with my GPU in. So I thought "Hey, maybe it is the driver." so I did a fresh install and never installed any drivers, but the same issues occur.

So I thought maybe I could just do my OpenGL needs with just my on board, but I can't even do that. Every time I open something that has or needs OpenGL, I am given a couple of warnings like "you currently do have OpenGL support", "It seems you don't have any drivers installed" (false, of course), or "Could not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError'| Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated". I can't Photoshop, I can't use Google Earth and I can't play any of my games. But, and here is the weird part, I can run glxgears and get spinning gears. So...?

The GPU works fine in Windows 7, so it isn't the GPU. Any solutions?

System info;

Distro: Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) 64bit
Kernel: 3.2.0-36-generic
Xorg: 1.11.3
GPU: GeForce Sparkle 6600 LE 256mb card
Driver: 304.64

I hope someone can offer any solutions to this matter. I have been working tirelessly at this but I have not come across any solutions. There are other people with this issue, too, so hopefully there is a solution. (:

My thanks to you all,
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Smile Re: 304.64 Driver & GeForce 6600; Black Boot up!


I had the exact same issues until I uninstalled all the X drivers AND the kernel modules for the nouveu driver. DKMS modules from the Nouveu driver were still loading, causing the blank screen.

I went into my package manager and uninstalled all the drivers and DKMS module files for nouveu, then ran the NVidia install script. That built the DKMS module and the driver.

Some distros will force the nouveu driver by default and not allow you to install the nv of nvidia driver. deleting/removing those file forces it to work.

If you get a "no screens found," that is OK and the system will usually work fine after a reboot to reload the kernel module.

Hope that helps!
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Default Re: 304.64 Driver & GeForce 6600; Black Boot up!


I'm so sorry this is late! I couldn't get into my Ubuntu or Windows with my GPU.

Firstly I want to say thank you for taking the time to help me with this problem, I appreciate it. Secondly, I would like like to ask if you have a detailed guide I can follow to do those things? I've never uninstalled kernels or Nouveu (at least not without a problem).

I'm currently running driver 306.64, just to tell you, with no GPU.

My thanks!
Distros/Os: Linux Mint Nadia & Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
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