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Default New firewall to replace tiny pf

I have Tiny PF 2.0.1 installed for months now And I love the interface but,
The programs over a year old and new versions are no longer free so here are my questions

1) Do I need to relace/upgrade my firewall to keep it from getting out of date.
2) Any exloits that this firewall misses?
3)any personal choices for free firewalls?

I want my firewall to have completly adjustable rules
MD5 hashing of program exe's to verify authorization to rules

Tiny has this but its age has me a little worried.

I installed the free version of zonealarm on my aunts PC and its nice but not as streamlined as TinyPF but is my current front runner for a replacement.
P.S. NO one recomend Mcafee firewall to me had that and Virus scan on my mothers computer and it was the most user UN-friendly pathetically desined, resource hogging, bloated slapdashed coded piece of crap I've had to deal with. I still can't belive she paid for that POS. Had to go get Norton VS and ZA installed to get the system stable.
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I use Norton Personal Firewall. I heard Sygate PersonalFirewall is good for freeware, and also Blackice defender.

Zone Alarm is by far the best freeware I have tried. I find Norton the best overall though.
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I use Kerio and seems be very good, been using it for over a year now on xp without any problems.
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Default r

Kerio is great. It works best when configured well. Create your rules then save the profile. I saved a post from a message board some where, quite awhile ago. It's extremely complete in explaining how to set up your rules etc.

Here is the file. The fellow that wrote it is given proper credit in the text..


For best viewing select all, copy, then paste it to your note pad, enable "wordwrap"
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I used Norton, then I remembered I was on a router
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