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Cool Powersupply

Does name brand matter when buying a power supply? Antec is redicoulously high priced, is it because it runs cooler, better or what? Thanks.
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Name brand does matter to a degree....Typically, Enermax and Antec are known for having very tight-tolerances on their voltages.....

Other ( cheaper ) brands typically have large fluctuations in their votlage ( ie: 5V is really 4.7V....etc... )

Vantec is coming out with a good power supply...maybe the price will be reasonable...

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Hehe, you haven't seen ridicukously high-priced power supplies until you've seen those from PC Power and Cooling. They are the best, though and reviews consistently echo that.

For my money, I bought a Leadman 500W PSU. It's given me great performance for $63. It's one of the few "budget" power supplies to be consistently rated well.
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What in the world would you need 500 Watt for. I swear this wattage thing is getting crazy. My dad's computer is an 800 Mhz Duron, and a Geforce 2, with a hard drive and DVD drive. The thing runs great on a ****ty 200 watt power supply hehe. I bet your using about 50% of that 500 watt psu, if that.

I bet you could run like 10 hard drives off it.

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I bought a PowMax 500Watt power supply(retails for $139.00) and it is great. Has dual ball bearing fans and has all the features of the more "higher end" power supplies.
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Believe is or not Aopen makes pretty good PSU for the money. Built many 8kha+ systems with Aopen cases and PSU's with never any problems.
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Well maybe you should check this review out, its a 550watt power supply for 30.00incl VAT 550watts for 30 you must be mad

Anyways here is a quote from the review.

Altogether a good result, even more so when you consider the 431W Enermax failed to allow the system to complete the benchmarks. The Enermax could only deliver 4.60V under load so the system instability was hardly surprising. To be fair the XP2100/K7S5A/GF4 is a tough load and the ECS motherboard is renowned for being fussy over PSU's.
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