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Originally posted by GlowStick
That clock is amazeing! Is it confirmed that the nv38 is made at IBM? If so, i have a feeling that anything that ibm shoots out of their fishkill fab is going to run pritty dang fast.

TSMC is doing the NV38's.

IBM's doing the 5700's.

Man I wish IBM was doing the 38's. They would be even better OCers.
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Hey are we still saying JuiceZ hit 647mhz?

That seems pretty unlikely. They are clocked at 475 core right? That would mean a 172mhz overclock.

It just seems pretty unrealistic. If they would hit that high then Nvidia would have core clocked them to at least 500 or 550 default. 475 would have been a way to conservative number in a tight battle like they are in.
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Originally posted by bkswaney
[b]The more I keep hearing about the 5950 the more I want one.

If the cores can run 550+ I know I want one. "lol"

But I'll be happy if I can find a 5900U for trade and
some boot.

No doubt that you will be happy with a 550/1100 clocked Nv35 ,it will be a Sweet card .

but 647/110???????? WTF
if the performance is 15%-%20% greater .. then i would consider myself to get one of those but $500 still a lot of money for a video card ,im still waiting first to see what Nvidia have to offer with the Nv40

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647MHz core ? Probably one in a thousand.
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Sry for the confusion guys, I was able to run a few games at that setting but most d3d titles reverted back to a lower clock like AnteP mentioned. On a side note she currently runs @ 591/1.05Ghz. It'll run @ 600/1.1ghz but texture anomalities begin to occur. Still a sweet o'c if you ask me though go eVGA! heh.
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That is a nice overclock |JuiceZ|!

The 5900U I have will go 552/965. Above that and I start getting artifacts and sparkles. I run it at 515/950 to keep the temp in check with stock cooler.
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Hey my reference board runs at 600/1.02 just fine. I found with lots of testing though that 570 got me the best results in benchmarks.
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