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Originally posted by LiquidX
In a way its like MOHAA but I think much better. The maps are huge and intense and the sound is icening on the cake. I have never felt as if I was in game as playing this, simply amazeing. Also 99 to life if the graphics on COD dont look good to you it has to be your card dude because it blows me away on my Ti4200. Not many games I think look better than it even though its a moddified quake engine.
I kinda felt obligated to resurrect this thread because I have recently got the game myself. All I can say is where MOH:AA came up short, CoD delievers Big Time. I swear, I haven't enjoyed playing MOH:AA in a long time. However this game has totally surpassed it in gameplay and graphics quality in a big way! This game totally gets two thumbs up from me and I now have another game that adds to my fixation on WWII gaming. BF1942/DC/CoD totally own my hearts content.

Setting up a server was a bit difficult as there is more support with 3rd party apps with other games due to them being out longer, though it is very similar to MOH and Quake III. There are a few apps/sites that I have found that have made my server setup a piece of cake.




Hope some of you find this info helpful as it has been very helpful and beneficial to me.


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That is great. All that this patch brings is what I wanted to be fix. The stupid bunny hopping, annoying sniper games and that headquaters mode will be great for team work which is not there at all right now.
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