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Post How Jetson Development Platform Helps Automakers Build Smarter Cars

We're about to shift the development of driver assistance technologies into high gear.

The unit is equipped with a Kepler-class GPU, providing early access to CUDA on ARM and next-generation graphics.

We started with the NVIDIA Tegra Visual Computing Module (VCM), which automakers such as Audi, VW and Tesla Motors use to power their in-vehicle infotainment displays and instrument clusters.

With VCM, automakers are able to move faster to each new generation of mobile processor.

This week, we introduced a new platform that combines the processing power of Tegra with the high performance compute functionality of our latest GPUs.

The combination of an energy-efficient system on chip (SoC) with the raw parallel processing capabilities of our newest CUDA-capable GPUs will help automakers build cars that can see and drive by themselves.

The NVIDIA Jetson Automotive Development Platform is packed with technology that helps automotive engineers create and test a variety of advanced driver assistance applications.

Jetson emulates features and performance that will only be available on next-generation Tegra devices, giving OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers early access to the future of embedded computing.

The unit's 1-DIN form factor facilitates proof-of-concept in vehicles.

The 1-DIN module, which can slide into a car stereo slot, combines the performance of an NVIDIA Tegra VCM with a Kepler-class GPU.

The GPU supports CUDA and OpenCV so developers can integrate into cars a number of computer vision-based capabilities, such as pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and collision avoidance.

Combine these technologies and you're looking at autonomous driving.

Jetson helps automakers overcome key challenges:

Jetson will help automakers develop infotainment displays, instrument clusters and advanced driver assistance technologies.

1) Simplifies and streamlines the development of advanced driver assistance and connected car technologies.

2) Accelerates the transition to each new generation of mobile SoC, enabling automakers to better keep pace with the rapid innovation cycle in consumer electronics.

3) Reduces the number of processors and independent silver boxes needed to develop infotainment, navigation, computer vision and driver assistance capabilities.

Jetson features all of the I/O options OEMs need for connectivity and prototyping.

The module can be configured based on each auto manufacturer's needs, to simplify testing and prototyping.

Early units are already in use at select auto manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

For more information, see the Jetson web pageor email jetsondevkit@nvidia.com.

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