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Default AUDI A8 L

Another month and my new 2013 AUDI A8 L is going to be one year old. Recently PCWorld wrote that it is the technically most advanced car (or something to that effect) in the world.

So what do I think after one year in the driver's seat?

It is sleek, powerful, surprisingly little thirsty. On the Interstate the A8L uses 30mpg compared to 20mpg with my 2003 AUDI allroad with similar size 6 cylinder engine. That is 50% more mileage. Acceleration of the compressor equipped A8L is super and without the seemingly interminable delay on dead start with the 2003 twin turbo AUDI allroad.

When stopped on red lights, the engine shuts down but comes back instantaneously when your foot goes off the brake pedal. If this is your first car with this feature it is a bit unnerving the first time.

You don't drive the car. It drives you, particularly on the Interstate. Cruise control maintains proper following speed and distance behind the car in front. Still, I have issues with that feature. There are alarms to show if cars are in your dead spot and the steering wheel shakes when you cross the lines between lanes.

I didn't get the night vision feature.

GPS is great but some functions are totally non-intuitive. But when it works it is much better than the last Garmin I had. It uses the Google Earth satellite view. Still, like Garmin, the data base has painful voids. For instance there is a large, densely developed business area in the north of San Antonio (NE corner of Voigt and 1604 North loop) where it shows nothing. Also major hotels in the same area are located in the wrong spot and others are missing.

The choices for information via satellite include among others, up to date weather, gas, prices, Tourist information, etc.

In addition to the normal radio, SeriusXM offers a huge list of music genres. Memory is generous. I have 6,000 pieces of music loaded into it.

All the above is a quick and dirty rundown of some of the more outstanding features of the car. In short the few downsides are miniscule compared to what there is to like. Looks like the AUDI guys really outdid themselves on this one.

The multiple choice back massage is great. Ditto the other seat adjustment options. Of course, there are all the other modern features and functions like heated seats, etc.
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Default Re: AUDI A8 L

Does it have electric windows?
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Default Re: AUDI A8 L

How does it work with my iPod Classic? I'm thinking about replacing my current iPod Dock. A Porchse Cayenne.
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