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Unhappy Xvideo, grabdisplay.. overlay problem

I pulled out my old winTV card in hopes of putting together a mythTV box.

This card was working fine with XFree 4.0, linux kernel 2.2.*, Debian 2.2
potato, nvidia TNT2.

Now... with my new machine (XFree 4.3.0), Linux kernel 2.4.20, Redhat 9,
nvidia GeForce2 400MX.. I can't seem to get the xvideo extension (via the
option "v4l" in XF86Config) to work on with the grabdisplay or overlay
option in xawtv. With grabdisplay, I get a black screen... with overlay,
I get a static garbled picture that sometimes has a few from my desktop.

I know that I need atleast the grabdisplay option (with xv) with xawtv to
work if I want to use mythTV. I can use "xawtv -noxv" with grabdisplay...
and I get a good picture... but this is unacceptable for mythTV.

Has anyone got an idea of what I can do about this (short of purchasing
old/new hardware)?

I booted into Windows2000 and loaded up the WinTV application that came
with the card... and I can only get a good picture if I use the "Primary"
program to select "DIB DRAW". ("Allow overlay" produces a similar
garbled screen as using overlay in xawtv... "Force Primary" just gives me
a black screen).

I've got some pretty good experience with dealing with RedHat/Debian.. and
can supply some configuration files/program output if it'll help.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 11-13-03, 10:58 PM   #2
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Angry No clues from anyone?

I guess noone else has run into this situation.

Can I get a reply from someone that HAS gotten their WinTV card to work? I'd like to check out your XF86Config (>4.0).
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Old 11-30-03, 05:35 PM   #3
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i do have the same problem (geforce fx5200, 4496 drivers, suse 9.0), but it does not bother me too much, watching tv is ok and recording (using lavrec) works fine. i have not tried using mythtv. however, i am rather disappointed with the colour problems playing video with xine through the xv extension, Xshm output is correct, but far slower.
imho, the basic problem is a faulty xv extension in the 4496 driver.
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Old 12-02-03, 06:14 AM   #4
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Thumbs down Same problem here

I'm using kernel 2.6.0-test11 so I can't use
nvidia's driver right now. Instead I have to
use the driver that comes with X. Thanks so
much nvidia for making your drivers closed

Anyway, back when I was using 2.4.x, I had
the same problem. Any attempt to use XV
would crash the application using it with a

So basically, I had the choice to either watch
tv or play a game. If I changed my mind, I had
to change my config and restart X. Now I can't
even do that anymore. Great. I'm sure the next
card I'll buy will be an nvidia again
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