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Kyle Katarn
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Default PC turns off after few seconds after on button

This started about a month ago. Turned on PC and after 4 seconds or so, it turns off, then after about 8 seconds turns on again with no probs. I had an Asus suite and unistalled it. Same prob. CPU is running at 47deg Celcius so its not overheating. Could be a software issue? Im thinking of doing a clean W7 install.
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Default Re: PC turns off after few seconds after on button

Anything 4 seconds into the boot cycle is not even hitting windows yet, so ignore anything on the software side. It turns ON after 8 seconds by itself?

If it shuts off and you have to turn it on again after 8 seconds to get it running then it sounds like a power supply issue, it isn't providing enough power on the cold boot.

If the motherboard is shutting down after 4 seconds then powering itself back on 8 seconds later, the motherboard needs replacement.
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Default Re: PC turns off after few seconds after on button

had this happen to me a week ago. coincidentally after i put the profile on for the memory on my gigabyte mobo to run it at 1600mhz.

powered on and it would shut down then turn on ect ect until i did the off button on the psu.

tried everything such as resettign the bios, taking the battery off the board, bought new ram.

ended up being the 3 year old Be Quiet Dark power 1000w PSU was at fault (put me right off that brand now)

runs great again with the new OCZ Fatality 750w PSU i replaced with
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Default Re: PC turns off after few seconds after on button

Sounds like a cold boot to me... are you switching the PC off and then turning it back on from the mains power ?
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