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owie that doesn't hold to well to last years games either..or the year before, err
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Originally posted by madthumbs
The Hammer may be another K-6 for AMD, who knows this soon? SATA is certainly addable if not already implemented. DDR wasn't so impressive on early boards, so what makes you think ddr2 would be? Is x86-64 really gonna be an improvement right away?
ddr2 certainly won't hurt anything, and its lower voltage for a bonus

x86-64s may not help everything DIRECTLY...yet, but the processor its on certainly will. MUCH improved architecture.

And that K6 thing, I kind of object to. every processor arch AMD has made has been a significant improvement over the last one. I expect no less now. Especially since I've read just about everything about it.

Serial ATA will be great. If only someone besides Seagate would have a true SATA HD soon....but hell, I buy Seagate anyway so thats all good.
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Build a cheap system for now and do whatever later. My system that I am building(just waiting for some parts to come in this week) only cost me $835. It is a decent price for a system like mines.
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I rather agree with that theory really. Budget stuff really isn't too bad right now. If you could keep some of your old parts, it'd be even better.

But if you buy high end now, you're bound to be annoyed soon imo.
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Originally posted by thcdru2k
the situation is it really is your money. so its your decision. computers will always get better, but what is necesary for you? you don't always have to have that top of the line system. but one that runs good for you. with that money i'm assuming you have an r9700 and a really fast processor. will last you for a long time.
Have you seen peoples UT2003 benchmarks? Most important are the bot match scores. Even people with a P4@2.4+ with ATI9700 only get 5-10fps more than me!! Athlon1800+ with GF3(non Ti) My point is UT2003 is limited with todays CPUs, and there are other games coming out soon using the new UT engine, Unreal2, RavenShield, DeusX2 to name a few. Arent the new Athlons(Barton?) moving to a 166MHz FSB? The other thing is you can do what alot of people will be doing, and thats upgrading when Doom3 comes out
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Heh, Doom 3 won't be out for quite awhile, though it would be smart to wait on it since its engine will probably be used in a lot of future games. Problem is my laptop is beginning to drive me nuts. I dunno how long I'll be able to last. I am at least waiting for the NV30 to either get it or drive prices for the 9700 down. I'm still at a loss on how much longer I should wait after that...

I guess I'll know more when it comes around.
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With a 366 Mhz system, I'd build a new rig RIGHT NOW. hehe

Just build somthing like an Athlon Xp 1800, Geforce 4 ti 4200, 40 gig hard drive, 384 mb ram, 16 dvd, 42x cdr. Somthing you can put together for 800$

You will see a massive differnce now. And then Next year around june, build a new system with the 1200$ that incorperates all the new stuff. I Definatly would not buy high-end right now. As even "Low end" or Mid-range is more then capable of playing current, and heck, even alot of future games.

My system gets very playable frame rates on Ureal 2003. Im guessing in the mid 40-50's at 1024x768. And all im runing is a 1.4 Ghz Athlon @1533, and a Geforce 3 Ti 500.

I guess it comes down to how bad you want a new system. Your current system is pretty damn slow, so anything is going to be a massive differnce.

You could buy a motherboard now with Sieral ATA and AGP 8x.
That would pretty much future-proof you. Then just put mid-range Sound/video/processor, etc and upgrade later.

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