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Default FB-Console messed up with SuSE9/drv4496

I am using SuSE9 Professional on an msi-k7_turbo Mainboard (Socket A with Palomino-1600, Via KT133-A Chipset) and an Nvidia GeForce4 MSI TI-4600VTD graphics card. My kernel version is 2.4.21-99-athlon.

With the default SuSE-drivers all went properly (without 3D, of course). When I installed the Nvidia drivers version 4496, the console is messed up after starting X. The console works properly until X starts. When switching to the console with "Ctrl+Alt+F1" all I can see is blinking green/blue boxes or just a black screen on other consoles.

This also happens when shutting down the system.

This for sure has something to do with the framebuffer. SuSE uses by default a framebuffer console for a "pretty" startup.

Anyway, I don't know a decent solution: Neither commenting out "DisplaySize" in the XF86Config, nor adding "video=vesa" in grub's menu.lst does make any difference.

The only way is to shut off the framebuffer but then I lose the "pretty/silent" bootup by doing something like "vga=1".

This "pretty/silent" bootup is a great advantage as it significantly improves the acceptance of the system by non-computer-freaks. Yes, those people don't use the console, but they see the messed screen when the system shuts down, which is also not good.

Is there any good solution to this problem? Is this a "known bug"? I assume this problem applies to many Linux systems?
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I have the same proplem and when i start KDE it doesn't load kde. and when i restart X i get the same problem with the console and it hangs on
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