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Default Some driver questions for a 980 based board

I have an MSI NF980-G65 motherboard. Yes, I know it's ~5 years old. I just had to do a full re-install of windows because the old install self-distructed. I used the reinstall to put in a 512Gb 850-pro SSD and upgrade to 16Gb of ram.

The motherboard has on board graphics through the 980a chipset. I got the chipset drivers from the Nvidia web site, so they should be the newest (though windows update thinks they need to be updated). I had been using a 560Ti before, but that card died about the same time as windows. I tried an R7-265 from XFX, but was not happy with it. Drivers caused BSOD's and did other strange things. So I pulled that card and drivers and switched to the onboard graphics while waiting for an 750ti from MSI to come.

I checked the driver version that is installed and it is 197.13. Nvidia web site says those are the newest drivers for the current GPU because I haven't put the new card in yet. When I put the new card in, it will need newer drivers. Do I just run the new driver install and it will update only the video drivers? and not mess with any of the other chipset drivers? Current drivers listed in windows add/remove:

NVIDIA Display Control Pannel 135MB v6.14.11.9713
NVIDIA Drivers 66.8MB v1.10.57.35
NIVIDIA PhysX 69.6MB v9.12.1031
NVIDIA Steroscopic 3D Driver (Size N/A) v7.17.11.9713

I think that second one is the Nforce Chipset driver, but not sure. I know the video card driver installer has a clean install option to clear out old driver files and settings when there is a problem. Don't know if I need to or use that or not. Seems the Geforce installer should be able to deal with Nforce driver files correctly.

Also, last time I used the Geforce driver package, it added some extra utility that checked if game settings and other stuff. Is that needed? does the installer give an option to not install that part? I like to know what to expect before I try to install it so I don't end up with no video or worse. When I uninstalled the ATI drivers, it offered an "express" uninstall that was supposed to fully remove the drivers. But it failed to switch windows to a basic driver and left me setting at a black screen while it waited for me to click "finish"
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