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Question NOLF2 Demo Help

I am on the first level, and I'm stuck. I have found the code breaker thingie and all four of the encoded notes. I have used the decoder on each of them and nothing happens. I have cleared out the entire town. I notice that I should be able to go through the door to a shop with a big view window in front, but that has not been unlocked yet. Please advise. Thanks.
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did you open the mailboxes that the note says to open and keep the 1 closed that says to keep closed? i think it was red opened/blue opened/silver or grayish closed. did you meet with the contact guy to see where new meeting place is and go there?
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Thanks for your reply. I was able to meet up with that guy again, inside the shop. But he says that I have to find out where the next meeting is. I've gone back over the whole town, but I can't find anything new. I also brought him the briefcase, but that didn't open up anything. Can you tell me how to find the next meeting location? Thanks!
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You've got to go all the way around, back to the beginning of the level, and then on to the little ninja hut where you will find more ninja's chilling. You can't take the easy way to the hut by going through the gated entrance. Once all the way around, you should see the little bridges in that area where channels are cut out leading to the ninja hut. Fall into the channeled areas and make your way under the ninja hut, where you will hear the ninja's talk about the new meeting location. Once heard, kill the ninja's if you want, then make your way back to the contact and finish the first half of the demo! :P Hope this helped..

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I also brought him the briefcase, but that didn't open up anything.
The briefcase is just an optional objective, it's not required to accomplish. All this gives you is some useful skill points which you can use to improve your abilities in certain areas.
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