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View Poll Results: Do you think gaming consoles will take over PC gaming in the future?
Yes 16 27.12%
No 43 72.88%
Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

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Originally posted by saturnotaku
I do appreciate it when games make me feel like I'm playing a movie. I felt this way about Shenmue/II and Half-Life. From what I've seen of D3 and HL2 it will be the same way, which is awesome for the FPS genre.

I just reinstalled Half-Life and I'm going to restart that journey again very soon.
Exactly!!!.....Good games are good games no matter what platforms they are on. Its just rare to see ultra great games recently as when i was younger and every game seemed to keep me interested for hours. sigh...Sw Kotor was like that, i couldnt put the blasted thing down!! Now i am playing gta vc for the first time and i can't put it down either.
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They stole rare off of nintendo, they shoulda stole squaresoft/enix off of sony. I think that would have been a better deal if at all possible.
I personally think that buying up companies is a bad thing.
Sooner or later, you will end up with uber companies like EA, and all the smaller, more talented companies that care about their games, end up not being able to compete.
More developers, and more platforms. NOT less platforms, and only a few developers.
What you got to realise is that I'm a passionate gamer. I don't want to see games go the way of EA. Look at the latest Medal of Honour game for consoles, Rising Sun. It's awful, and extremely easy. A far cry from their original.

Good games are good games no matter what platforms they are on. Its just rare to see ultra great games recently as when i was younger and every game seemed to keep me interested for hours. sigh...Sw Kotor was like that, i couldnt put the blasted thing down!! Now i am playing gta vc for the first time and i can't put it down either.
I agree, but isn't that similar to what I've been trying to say ?
You said it's rare to see ultra great games lately, and I agree. Although, like I said, I've seen more on PC lately, than on console.
Heck, I still play Manic Miner, Jetset Willy, and many "Ultimate Play The game" games. Remember them ? Were once RARE, now at other developers.
I still love many C64 games, NES games, SNES games. All on today's emulators.
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Unfortunatley i never had a c64 Yea we do agree on the fact that older games were better, although i believe theres more fun(to me) on consoles right now than pc's. It's mainly due to the fact htat i don't like fps games at all. I prefer strat games like civ 3, and those are in the minority. I prefer each platform for specific games

For example

Fps, strat, rts, puzzle(myst style) games on pc. I don't see a place for them on consoles, at all.

For beat em ups, party games, sports games, i prefer consoles cuz nothing beats having a friend over with beers and a large screen tv. I know you can do this with a computer as well, but it just lends itself to consoles. Besides epsn/sega sports is unfortunately on available on consoles.

Rpg, i am a bit biased since i grew up with square/enix. But bioware is making some great rpgs. So in the end i would lean towards consoles, but i have no problems playing it on a pc.

Racing games i prefer gran turismo and the ps2. But i don't have one so pg2 is it for me, but crash fest in burnout 2 was great, midtown madness 3 was decent. I don't really like nfs-un. I haven't really played a game that grabbed my like the original mario kart(O, the hours of my life spent in battle mode with my friends), and deathtrack(pc), that was an awesome game.

And i also agree with you about buying out other companies. I didn't mean it that way although i did type it. I meant microsoft should have spent the money to woo sqaure/enix to make games for thier system as well, instead of buying rare. EA, i dont like at all. They make some good games and a lot of rehashes. If you want an alternative, you have to check out espn/sega sports. They consistently get better ratings but is a lesser know brand, so they lose out in the end. Everything needs competetion, just like in video cards, it helps the guy behind to try new and innovative thing to grab the consumer, and the leader has to stay on the tip of his toes as to not be blindsided. Ea has not been looking over its should, and slowly but surely i see more people go for espn games instead of ea.

I remember ea when they were a small company making games like bards tale!!!...hahhahahh, old school...well at least i think they did

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I vote NO simply because, with 300 million PCs sold every year, some of them will be used for gaming, even if that isn't their primary purpose. But the answer depend on how your question is interpreted. PC games represent only 1/5 of the game software market, and since the only language business speaks is money, that will influence PC gaming.
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I voted yes because, basically, it already has.

Yes, the PC if faster and yes the games can look better then consoles. But even since the Atari or Nintendo, console games have always outsold PC games.

Certain games, like RTS and FPS, will always play better on the PC, as others, such a platformers and fighting games, will always play better on the console. But the fact remains, that PC gaming has always been a niche hobby. Just look at the numbers. a game that sells 100,000 units on a PC is considered a success. A game that sells 100,000 units on a console is considered a mediocre at best.

So yes, consoles have already, and always have, overtaken the PC. But the does not mean the death of PC gaming now or in the near future.
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Someone else said it best before- this was a loaded question to begin with. And an ill defined one.

It seems to me that we are supposed to be talking about graphics quality here. I don't think anyone can (reasonably) argue that PC gaming is catching up with console gaming in terms of games sold. I'm pretty sure the gap is growing and has been growing for quite some time.

Either way it's pretty senseless. PCs will always have better capabilities than consoles as long as PCs are upgradable. We will continue to see a leap frogging effect in terms of graphics.

In terms of gameplay, the two "platforms" offer totally different types of games. So much so that I claim they are incomparable. To someone who likes RTS, FPS, or MMORPG, the PC will probably always be best. For people who like games that can be fun for all ages, sports games, fighting games the consoles will always be better. Both PC and console games have their own innovations. Both will continue to innovate. Both will also continue to have a lot of crap spewed out. There will be good and there will be bad.
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Perfectly said stealthhawk.

I don't know why in general this question usually brings out the worst fanboys of computer gamers and console gamer. I mean, if you really enjoy the game, regardless of platform, thats all that matters isn't it?

Btw speaking of old comp games, ne1 play crimson skies for xbox? reminds me of hunt for red baron(iirc) way back when on pc. Think it was by dynamix, if they are still around. Used to run pitifully slow on my comp but twas a lot of fun.

OT: any good websites on the web to keep one busy for hours? Stuck at home all wekend with the flu, and there is only so many hours of vidoe games i can take nowadays.
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