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Default Unreal 2 XMP full today.

the unreal forums say that the full version will be for download today. Man I cant wait!
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Down load server lists.
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What are your opinions on this game. Throw a little feed back here.

I find it hard to kill people. One rocket shot to the body or even head does not kill. What is up with that?

The magnum gun kills very nicely. What is up with that?

I like it but man it just seems to hard to kill people and you don't feel like you are actualy shooting them.
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I find it much more appealing than than the single player game.
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I think it's pretty good. Some of the maps are kinda so-so, but I find most of it to be very fun. Vehicles aren't really that great though, and they're laggy as hell, but it's nice to have the option. I do like the combat, once you get used to the weapons it's easier to see why certain weapons seem to take forever to kill the enemy (and of course, you have to compensate for lag). But I think a single rocket blast will kill a Ranger, but against a Tech or a Heavy you'll have to hit them a few more times. But a single blast from a juggernaught will take care of pretty much anything

Oh, and I really like the ability to put up turrets and force shields. You'd think that it would be overpowering being able to put 10+ turrets in your artifact room, but when you consider how long it takes to do that and how much energy consumes it seems completely fair. Not to mention if you can keep the enemy away from the energy nodes their turrets and force shields will eventually self-destruct

And yeah, the single-player Unreal 2 was lacking (though I am playing through it again), but the multi-player more then makes up for it I think.

So anyway, I'm enjoying it so far. BTW, did you know that less then 8 hours after it's release, someone made a crack that bypasses the CD check when you install the game? So basicly, people can just download the full XMP installer and they'll have the full game even if they don't own Unreal 2. Man, reminds me of that Diablo crack that turned the demo into the full game...
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The best weapon is the poison gas. That rox.
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