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Default MX420 and 4496 driver

I've just replaced my MX400 with an MX420. Everything worked fine except for a game called "Neverball" http://www.icculus.org/neverball/

When this game is played in a resolution of 800x600, the bottom right hand corner of the screen is messed up, with a green box with random patterns visible. This doesn't happen in other resolutions, or with the MX400.

I don't play many games, but Tuxracer and my KDE OpenGL screensavers all seemed OK.

So I tried going back to driver version 4363, and this solved the problem. I came the the conclusion that the problem must be a bug in the driver rather than a fault with my graphics card!

Please could someone with an MX420 try Neverball to confirm this? It only takes a few seconds to compile...

Interestingly, I was getting about 40 fps with the MX400. With the MX420 and 4496, it was more like 80 fps. With MX420 and 4363 is was around 60 fps. Could it be that the latest driver pushes this card too hard?

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I have the same problem and I've seen a couple of other posts about it. I have MX 440 and this problem shows up with various programs / games, but only when using specific resolution (eg 800x600). This bug doesn't show up in the newest beta drivers 46.20. I'm staying at 43.63 for now, as with the newer ones some things just don't work (like TVOverscan).
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