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I'm all for NOLF 2 and ut2k3

Waiting to see if Mace Griffin is any good

Definately waiting for Unreal 2, Deus Ex 2, Kohan 2, Max Payne 2, DS mods, DS 2, the Moto GP game....

sounds about right
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I can only imagine the kind of performance drop I can expect with Max Payne 2.

Yes, I agree with everything SavagePaladin said. Of course, i would add Unreal Warfare to that list
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Originally posted by saturnotaku

On another racing front, Ralli Sport Challenge is coming to the PC and I'll definitely be picking that up. It looked good on the Xbox and it's gonna look even better on my Ti4600.
Really? Link?

I thought that was XBox exclusive? Looks like most XBox games are coming to PC
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i'm looking forward to the teenage mutant ninja turtle fighting game they are making for the pc
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