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Greg, these 40.71's still have the same refresh rate problem. I tried Refresh Force and it did not work.

Use NVRefreshTool 2.0, I've verified it works on these drivers. Just make sure to reboot before expecting the fix to be activated.
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Post Thoughts on the day after.

I was disapointed by the 40.41 & 40.71 set initially, I guess I've been waiting for new drivers so long that I sort of expected these to be THE driver release. You know; a huge performance gain, increased IQ, more features, my penis grows 4", etc...but they were only really a bug fix release along with some increased IQ.

Then again, that ain't such a bad thing. These drivers are nice & solid for me ('cept for NOLF2 & UT2k3 in D3D, but I'm starting to think there may be an actual problem there.) and the image quality really IS improved. They still seem a little un-polished to me for some reason, like we're in the 2nd or 3rd revision of some new code and we'll have to get to revision 4 or 5 before they start carrying some heavy drool-factor.

Mayhaps my GF3 has just reached it's performance ceiling, mayhaps the drivers are soley focused on the GF4 line; either way I'm glad I had something to play with at least.

That's it, the new release is now officially over...

....so where in the hell are my new drivers? It's been almost two whole days already!

(Not a biggy, I just finished downloading a new set of 9x radeon drivers thanks to the Candyman.)
[SIZE=1][I]"It was very important to us that NVIDIA did not know exactly where to aim. As a result they seem to have over-engineered in some aspects creating a power-hungry monster which is going to be very expensive for them to manufacture. We have a beautifully balanced piece of hardware that beats them on pure performance, cost, scalability, future mobile relevance, etc. That's all because they didn't know what to aim at."
-R.Huddy[/I] [/SIZE]
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OK, I bit the bullet and installed them. It's fast enough over cable that the 15MB isn't that big of a deal (the Mandrake ISOs, on the other hand...)

Anyway, the install wasn't too bad. Refresh Force worked (note to everyone having problems: it reinstalled my monitor, so I have TWO possible settings in the program. I tried to use the first one, but it didn't work. Once I went to the second one, it worked). 3DMark2K1SE was about the same (50 points off, within the margin of error). I got about a 20% increase on UT2003's botmatch. Flyby was about the same. JK2 dropped a few FPS (about 10%, actually), so something might be afoot with my OpenGL settings.

For those with control panel problems: did you completely uninstall the old stuff? And did you remove all tweak programs (or at least turn them off) before installing? I had to get rid of Riva Tuner (RC 11.1) because of some odd problems.

All in all, not too bad. I'll stick with 'em only because it's too much work to go back!

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Question No stereo control panel?

Has anyone been able to get the Stereo 3D control panel to work with the 40.71 or 40.52s? It was working with 40.41 and earlier but now it doesn't appear anymore. The stereo drivers I'm using are the latest - 30.82.
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Talking Screwed up control panel fixed..!

Ok, for those who have read my previous post and were having similar problems I have found the solution. It looks like there were some old 30.xx files lying around that for some reason did not interfere with the 40.41's but were interfering with the 40.71's...!?!
Anyway, after much forum trawling, I found a little utility which fixed the problem ...


For those of you who have already installed the 40.71's just do the first 3 steps and reboot, don't re-install the drivers. If my experience is anything to go by then this should fix the problems, it may also solve some of the other issues people are having so it might be worth giving it a go...

Just a thought about WHQL certification, it looks like the 40 series drivers are a significant departure from everything that has gone before so the main stumbling block for nVidia may have more to do with a bulletproof cleanup and install system rather than the drivers themselves..!?!? Just a thought..
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Default 40.71 experiences

Initial installation was hellish. 3dmark wouldn't complete and had a 10% FPS decrease in opengl applications among other problems (see my thread How to completely uninstall detonators in WInXP.) All 3D applications were very dark. I had texture flashing as well. I haven't been able to install a 40 set over 30.82 sans those problems.

40.71 beta on a virgin system produced more satisfactory results. Games (Q3, UT, UT2K3) are still a little dark, but bumping brightness a notch in games solves the problem without washing everything out. I had minimal FPS decrease in OpenGL (about 1%, well within typical fluctuation) 3Dmark2001SE improved from 10765 to 11661 with most of the improvement coming from the nature test. No texture flashing, crashes or incompatibilities as of yet. Here's a link comparing 30.82 with 40.71 in 3Dmark on my system.


My system:

MSI K7T266PRO2-RU with 3.3 AMI Fullraid Bios and PCR tweak 6B=F0.
Visiontek Geforce 4 ti4600, not OC'D
AMD XP 2100+ Not OC'D
2X 256MB Crucial DDR RAM @CAS 2
2X 60GB Western Digitals in stripe array.
Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+

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Default Re: Warcraft 3 troubles.

Originally posted by Mike Lee
Anyone else experiencing random, short pauses in WarCraft 3 using the new 40.xx set of drivers?

It doesn't happen with the 30.xx sets, but I've tried all 3 of the 40.xx series and they all seem to do it.

Any feedback is appreciated!

--Mike Lee
Short pauses in Warcraft III. The problem with Quake 3 (too dark) is fixed. Small decrease in 3D Mark (lost about 100 marks).
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Default Re: Re: anyone getting display control panel shutting down when clicking on geforce t

Originally posted by sweetmate

yup, me, and im getting annoyed.
Yeah me too, any ideas?
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Hi Guys

A very regular visitor here now, first post

After installing 40.71, uninstalled 30.82, I am having two probs that I cannot get to the bottom of.

1. Links LS 2003 golf now hangs, just locks up after a min or 2.
2. Nview, in display props, interface corrupt and cannot access colour settings etc.

Anyone having similar probs?
Any ideas?
Tried all the usual crap, had nvidia cards since tnt2 so know my way around.

In every other way these are exellent drivers for me with a 1000 jump in 3Dmark and other games, so would like to keep them.

P4 2.53 @ 2.945
1 gig XMS 3200 c2
Asus P4B533 V
Gainward 4600 3DMark2K1SP 13877

Windows XP SP1
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Has anyone tried to use these drivers with any other games but QuakeIII, UT or UT2003?
These drivers trash some of the less graphic hungry (2d) games.
I've used most of the beta and official drivers Nvidia has produced but these are the first Nvidia drivers I've used that won't play all of my games i.e. Pharoah or Stronghold.
These games are still being played by a number of people. I hope Nvidia does something to fix what ever bug it is that causes this problem.
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if you playing those older games, go to older drivers, like performance or anything would make a difference. thats too bad if you play a full range of games though..that sucks.
Athlon XP 1.58GHz | MSI KT3 Ultra2 | 256MB DDR PC-3000 | GeForce 4 ti4200 64mb @ 310/533 | IBM 120GXP 40.0GB | Det. 41.09 | DX 9 RC2 | Win XP SP1

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I play older games and the newer ones like Medal of Honor, Ghost Recon, Unreal Tournament & Morrowind, I like them all. So I Guess 30.82's are the drivers I'll have to use. They play all my games.
It's to bad I won't be able to take advantage of the newer drivers.

GF4 PNY Ti 4400
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