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All right, these drivers seem to crash d3d games most of the time on my W9x system. Also control panels seem to messed up and they lose settings on W9x. The more I test detonator40 drivers the less I want to use or even test them.
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With 40.71 I've got no AA in OpenGL (Quake 2/3 and RTCW). 40.52 no problem.

(edit) This is in Win98, info that would be in my signature, but the changes I make aren't saved, what am I doing wrong?

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GF2 cards and older were maxed out in performance a long time ago. it's not surprising that newer drivers don't do anything positive for them.

it's still funny how everyone keeps bitching for new drivers, but when new *beta* drivers show up people end up complaining when they have problems with them as long as the bugs are fixed by the time the official drivers are released into the wild, then everything is find and dandy
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Originally posted by diehlr
Greg, these 40.71's still have the same refresh rate problem. I tried Refresh Force and it did not work.

Use NVRefreshTool 2.0, I've verified it works on these drivers. Just make sure to reboot before expecting the fix to be activated.
Thanks Diehlr, that fixed it good! 1280x768 now runs at max refresh like the 30.xx drivers allowed.
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Default Just to put you right

Originally posted by CraigGen
That WAS well said, thecaretaker, and NEEDED to be said.

And reading your last post I just realised you run the Technology Vault forums that spawned off of the old .TV forums.
Doh !! Slaps head.....

Do any of the old .TV staff still visit ?

More importantly, Does Lydia still visit ?

I met that damn fine woman at the Hollywood superbowl in London.
Just to put you right, I don't run the TechnologyVault. I'm just news editor there and help out with the GeforceFAQ which we have just taken on. I don't get paid, it's all a labour of love.

As for the .tv team, no, not as far as I know, We don't see any of the .tv staff. I got a few good luck emails when they closed down, then that was it.

And oh yes, I miss the lovely Lidia too....
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Default Re: thecaretaker:

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
GREAT post! Just wanted to let you know that I agree with your findings totally, and to give you something new to play with.

The 40.xx just are not very good with my GF3, but the new 30.87's that were released this morning ROCK HARD!

(BTW-There's also a new version of RivaTuner out, it's in the same link above. )
You mean Rivatuner newer than 2.0 RC12?
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I got a geforce3 in win2ksp3 and I haven't had any problems...
in fact, I love em.
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Tried these drivers out last night and they're definitely improved over previous 40.xx releases. I can actually play Shogo now without having the game hardlock after 20 seconds. The Quake 3 gamma bug is also fixed; I now have my rich and vibrant textures. 3D image quality is also improved - there are subtle details in my games that are coming out that I've never been able to see with previous driver versions. I'll have to do some more testing but these look to be keepers so far.
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Angry Damn it, I fixed my NOLF2 locking problem.

I did a stupid thing and tried what I've read has fixed it for about a dozen other people, I clocked my GF3 back from 240/530 to 230/515 and it'll run NOLF2 & UT2k3 in D3D as long as I want without a lock-up.

Why the unhappiness with the fix? I don't LIKE slowing my rig down to make it work! Just thought I'd share in case anyone else might find it useful.
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I also have a GF3, using WinXP and dont have any problems. I played Serious Sam 2 co-op for at least 3 hours last night without any problems. BTW Im also using the latest RivaTuner RC12 for the refresh fix, works like a charm.
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Talking My experience with the 40.71 dets is THEY ROCK!

I have an Athlon XP DDR based system running Win98 and am using a Gainward GF3 Ti200 video card oc to faster than GF3 Ti500 speeds.

Comparing the 30.87 drivers to the 40.71 drivers in 3D Mark 2001SE, at 1024 x 768, 32 bit color, compressed textures, no AA, I get the following scores:

1) Det 30.87 drivers: 7749 3D Marks

2) Det 40.71 drivers: 7928 3D Marks

Thats a 179 3D Mark jump in score using the Det 40.71 drivers and a GF3 Ti200 I cannot believe I damn near cleared 8000 3D Marks.

Both detonators run all my games (Q3, UT2003, UT, MOHAA, RTCW, NOLF2, MorrowWind, BF1942, etc) perfectly stable with no problems at all (Except for flame thrower in RTCW, but that has been a problem since the 30 series dets came out). I will say that to me image quality is MUCH better using the 40.71s, especially in UT2003 which is a game I'm planning to buy.

Frankly, a 179 3D Mark increase using a GF3 card is the biggest jump I have ever had just by switching drivers. From what I could see these drivers gave the biggest performance boost to the nature demo (went from hi 30s, low 40s fps to hi 50s, low 60s fps), and the pixel and vertex shaders to a lesser extent. Oh, and I love the new Nvidia Control Panel, it looks awesome and is very easy to navigate, plus it works perfectly.

I am using the new build of RivaTuner with the Det 40.71, and all I can say is I love em I do not know why so many of you are having problems, but each system is different I guess so who knows. Plus the way you install new drivers is VERY important, but I do it so much I have it down to a science

Anyway, I love em and if you have a GF3 with an AMD system I cannot but recommend giving them a try
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my GeForce 3 hasn't had a problem with any version of the Det40's ... XP Pro works fine

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