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Default Postal 2: Share the Pain demo for GNU/Linux

just a site rip.


Just in time to relieve all that Holiday stress, a demo version of Postal 2: Share the Pain is now available for GNU/Linux systems.

"Share the Pain" adds multiplayer gametypes to the previously single-player only Postal 2, with its mature-rated attitude (Capture the Flag is called "Snatch", and involves stealing the other team's, uh, mascot...you get the point). The multiplayer gametypes are fully network compatible with the Windows players.

The package contains a complete DEMO version of the game, featuring one abbreviated single player level, and a few multiplayer maps for your enjoyment. The full, commercial version of Postal 2 for Linux will be available soon (and rumor has it there will be a Linux boxed version, so please don't run out and buy the Windows version in preparation just yet). The package also contains the Linux dedicated server.

Postal 2 has some rather explicit content. Don't download it if you're a small child or easily offended.

File: postal2mpdemo-lnx-1407.tar.bz2
Size: 168 megabytes compressed
md5sum: 99b28380fcef88e8a4c418ca5894b8f3

Known mirrors:

* Primary FTP courtesy of Primer:

Please use passive mode, or the FTP connection won't work.
* http mirror from pomac.
* BitTorrent from 3DGamers.com.
* http mirror from 3DGamers.com.
If you'd like to mirror this file or host a BitTorrent, email me(check the site link at the top for that) and I'll add your server to this news post.

Merry Christmas, etc!


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After downloading and installing all it did was go to black screen for me.

I have managed to quake 3 running just fine as well as gltron, cube and a few other games.

This is the first time I have had enough hardware to really run any games in linux and I must say that the stability factor has dropped since I have been trying. Lots of people always talk about how stable linux ix and it always seemed to run for days on end for me but now that I am trying to do a little more than email news and web browsing it seems little better than windoz.

I am sure it has more to do with the operator than the system but it sure des suck to have to rsort to the reset switch.
There are seldom technogical answeres for behavioral problems.
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