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Sky Lemon
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Default Drivers don't work on Geforce4 MX 440...

...and 1,174 users want to know why:

...and this guy at O'Reilly seems pretty biffed too (for over a year now!):

Debian, Gentoo, YellowDog and other PPC Linux users are unable to get the nVidia drivers working. I'm not a hardware guru, but I think one solution to this problem may be to compile the x86 Linux drivers on a PPC machine. I hear a lot of Linux users suggest people purchase graphics hardware from vendors other than nVidia, since those other vendors graphics hardware is better supported on Linux.

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Amen to that. nVidia is putting no effort into the needs of their linux/ppc customers. Sure there aren't as many of us as the x86 linux customers, but when it's something as small as trying to recompile a driver i start to think "it would cost them less $ to compile that than they'll lose with the one thousand someodd non-repeat customers.
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Yeah, I think most people will agree it sucks to be a minority. I really love my powerbook and really love linux but we the minority need some support from people and the companies sometimes. Please help! *sigh* One can hope anyways.....

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Thumbs down

Really, how hard can it be to create a ppc binary ?
There would surely be no costs cutting into NV's huge budget.
Little old me thinks there maybe some other forces at work here, namely Intel.
Cynical or incisive ?
You be the judge, but it leaves PPC users out in the cold & does nothing for Nvidia's good-will value.
Poor show, NV.
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Sky Lemon
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Default Maybe not Intel but Apple?

Someone who signed the nVidia-Linux drivers petition made an interesting comment:

"upcoming Powerbook 1GHz 12'. NVidia should introduce the linux on PowerPC hardware platform. Unified nvidia driver for ppc shoud'nt be hard work to compile. Only the coming annoucement of ppc nvidia support is worth the value. Otherwise, there is an undisclosed contract between Apple and Nvidia to never provide nvidia ppc binaries to linux community"

Do you think nVidia and Apple would really engage in such a business practice though? Hard to be sure considering...
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