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Default GeForce 4 Suse 9.0


I'm new in Suse 9.0. Now I have a problem. I have a GeForce 4 and do not know exactly the driver i should take. Because I'm new I don't know to install it, too.

Please help me.

David Kindermann
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I am also kinda a noob, but i just installed it (after screwing up once!) But i finally figgured it out:

Download the driver at http://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/L...-5328-pkg1.run
if you haven't already and save it somewhere you know, like your home dir.

Goto the download location, open up a shell, and type:

sh NVIDIA-Linux*

The star just simplifies typing the whole darn thing in (in case you are a total noob)
It will guide you through the install.
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instead of a *, just hit your tab key! bash shell tab completion is the ultimate timesaver.

don't forget to run switch2nvidia, it will check their are no library conflicts which would kill preformace.

An alternative way to get nvidia drivers is through YAST2 online updates, but I don't think it is the latest nvidia driver at the moment, might as well do it the proper way!

For troubleshooting 3Ddiag is a useful suse utility, maybe run it after your first installation and switch2nvidia. But disregard the 24bit 16bit messages its out of date, I run 24bit with NWN all the time.

Best of luck
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