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Default Old School: Quake Co-Op need help


if anyone rembers how to tweak the hell out of quake could give me some advice,

anyhoo me and my friend who live near eachother and both have cable internet are trying to play Quake CoOp.

But we have a problem where at first our pings are 40's, then it suddenly jumps expontonaly to 1k's 2k's 3k's then a disconnect.

Now, our ISP dose some gay stuff, eg we cant ping eachother and alot of ports seem to be blcoked (probly for worm problems) we we could only get it to connect useing werid ports.

is this a problem in our config of quake (we really didnt touch any of it)

my quesiton is, is there some 'rate' like setting we need to do, or some mod or something we need, or is it our ISP that is somehow being really shiitty?

I have a feeling it could be like quake starts sending so many packets cable just cant keep up, because it seems to happen in the same exact spots, like some kind of 'leak'.

any thoughs comments?
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