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Default nVIDIA driver & Mandrake 9.2

I recently installed Mandrake 9.2 RC1 for AMD64 and it's all running fine so I was about to install the nvidia driver for my GF4 MX.
I downloaded and installed the kernelsource and also downloaded nvidia glx and nvidia kernel. nvidia glx compiles fine but I can't figure out how to compile the nvidia kernel. It gives an error telling me what to do but I have no idea on how to perform those actions.
Anyone care to tell me what to do?

/usr/include/linux/version.h:2:2: #error "================================================= ======"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:3:2: #error "You should not include /usr/include/{linux,asm}/ header"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:4:2: #error "files directly for the compilation of kernel modules."
/usr/include/linux/version.h:5:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:6:2: #error "glibc now uses kernel header files from a well-defined"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:7:2: #error "working kernel version (as recommended by Linus Torvalds)"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:8:2: #error "These files are glibc internal and may not match the"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:9:2: #error "currently running kernel. They should only be"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:10:2: #error "included via other system header files - user space"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:11:2: #error "programs should not directly include <linux/*.h> or"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:12:2: #error "<asm/*.h> as well."
/usr/include/linux/version.h:13:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:14:2: #error "To build kernel modules please do the following:"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:15:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:16:2: #error " o Have the kernel sources installed"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:17:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:18:2: #error " o Make sure that the symbolic link"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:19:2: #error " /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build exists and points to"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:20:2: #error " the matching kernel source directory"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:21:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:22:2: #error " o Now copy /boot/vmlinuz.version.h to"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:23:2: #error " /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include/linux/version.h"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:24:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:25:2: #error " o When compiling, make sure to use the following"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:26:2: #error " compiler option to use the correct include files:"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:27:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:28:2: #error " -I/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:29:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:30:2: #error " instead of"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:31:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:32:2: #error " -I/usr/include/linux"
/usr/include/linux/version.h:33:2: #error ""
/usr/include/linux/version.h:34:2: #error " Please adjust the Makefile accordingly."
/usr/include/linux/version.h:35:2: #error "================================================= ======"
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I can't tell you how to use the mandrakeclub nvidia rpms, but all I had to do was this:

Install the relevant kernel. Get the kernel source.
Install NVIDIA's driver (from www.nvidia.com)

follow the instructions in the readme - mainly:
go to a text console
login as root
init 3 (stop the GUI)
sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5328-pkg1.run
fillow instructions
reconfigure /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
init 5 (start the GUI)


Each time you change kernel, you'll need to re-run this.
It may be worth printing the readme before you start.
Save your old XF86Config-4 (and your new one - if you run the mandrake X config tool again, you'll overwrite it.
I did this on a P4 - it should be fine on an AMD - but I have no actual knowledge.
Remember, when you add a kernel using urpmi, it will end up as an option in /etc/lilo.conf, but you'll have to run lilo to get it to appear in the boot menu. If you want it to be default, edit /etc/lilo.conf

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the reason I use these tarballs is that it's the only driver for AMD64 platform. So using the .run file isn't an option.
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