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Default Tell me about it

...while i'm packing my stuff preparing to go to Texas. If they **** up Thief III (i refuse to call it DS) for the sake of a ****ing cosole (couldn't care less if it's Xbox or PS2 or whatever), they're so screwed
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Default Re: Thief III in..... 3rd Person??!?!!

Originally posted by jAkUp
What??!! Say it ain't so Warren! But yes, its true. Thief III is coming soon, in 3rd person Sorry, but 3rd person is just not Thief. I dunno, could work out, but then again I remember what Ion Storm did to Dues Ex. Only one more game for Ion to **** up... System Shock.

Here's some super low resolution textures to show off the "new" capabilities:

Dammit if I was president of the U.S. I would ban all consoles forever.
Whats the big deal? I don't get it. So don't use 3rd person. This is the #1 game I been waiting for and I'll stick w/ 1st person - what's all the fuss about?
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