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Originally posted by A-KO
Hell, this time i'm tempted to install them AGAIN, this time carefully monitoring everything they do to the system via ntregmon and ntfilmon just so I can see what they screw up.
Man, you are a glutton for abuse. I can't believe you said that. On your on in the dark there buddy, and I ain't goona try to turn the light on for you. Have fun disembowling yourself upon your own ignorance.
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Originally posted by A-KO
As for the forumm posts, I just love how people are quick to say "That's beta drivers for u" rather than actually try to offer some assistance on getting this infectious disease off of my system.
of course we're going to say "that's beta for you." sheesh. since when did the word "beta" come with the attachment of stability and reliability

if you bothered to research the drivers beforehand you would have discovered that the 40.xx sets aren't exactly perfect and many other people have problems with them. that should have clued you in as to the probability that they would work for you.
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Originally posted by thcdru2k
dude..i think you've gone way beyond the Seeking for help into the whining. honestly man, if the 40.71 are causing so much problems that you can't install ****, and obviously, your pretty smart your self if your using ntregmon and ntfilmon and going to carefully monitor it you can fix your own problem. just format your computer. alright, 40.71 sucks ass, now we're trying to help you, but damn your freaking thick headed and its obvious you have enough brains on what to do.
I've got to agree, screaming nasties at the people you're trying to get to help you is just NOT the intelligent and civil way to go about things.

But just to show you what a nice guy I am in spite of your rantings, (yes, you have regressed into ranting...but don't feel to bad, we've all been there once or twice ), I'd suggest you check out Guru3d's file section under "nVidia drivers" and look for their 30.xx to 40.xx tool, about which they say the following:

When updating your Detonator Drivers from 30.xx to 40.41 many people have experienced problems with incompatible 30.xx files left on their PC. Detonator 40.41 Fix is a quick and easy tool to remove these files.

Tool for removing the elements of the Detonator 30.xx drivers that conflict with the 40.xx drivers

Now they don't say which OS or very many details, but Jester2K, (the author of the proggy), seems to indicate it's for 2k....

I don't know if it will help, but if it'll at least calm you to some semblance of rationality again I'll feel like it was worth a couple of minutes research.
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I still run the 27.42 drivers because with those I've had no issues with any game thus far. All other drivers above them have issues. The 29.xx series suffers from poor DX performance, and the 30.xx series breaks a few DX7 games. The 40.xx series is really buggy.

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This issue has occured even when I have no previous Detonator drivers installed.

What I did:
Install Windows
Install SP1
Install the rest of the WindowsUpdates
Installed 40.71
Uninstalled 40.71

What it caused:
No other drivers work after that. "This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)"


Reformatting fixes the system.

Cause: ???? Going to try to determine this this weekend by purposely installing these drivers and using NTRegMon/FileMon to see what they do differently than the 30.82 drivers.

This is a software issue....but I'm goiing to try and see *why* it is a software issue.
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cause = SP1

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