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Post Splash Damage Recruiting Artists!

saw this .. very interesting..

Splash Damage Recruiting Artists! Posted by : Locki on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 04:01 PM comments? In a continuation of our successful collaboration with id Software and Activision we have started production of a new full game based on the cutting-edge Doom 3 engine. We are looking for three highly-talented High-Poly 3D Modelers and one stunning Concept Artist to join us as full-time salaried staff with excellent benefits at our offices in London, England.

and here more details about the positions..


they worked in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.. and other games..
cant wait to see what they are doing .

the list of game developers that are already working in D3 tech looks very interesting..

1)Quake4 :Raven Software
2) HUman head studios :developers of RUne .. posted jobs positions too .
3)SPlashdamage .

not official..
4)gray matter studios (RTCW developers)
5) AVP3 ?
6)NErve software ?
7)a game called..Dark harvest?.

nice eh?..
and still there is no news about games that many will love to see like
MOH3/any lucas film game/COD2/AmericanMcgeeALice2. etc..

hopefully at this year E3 we will have more info about new games using D3 engine but also Source engine ,which looks very promising for other games too .

btw.. if you click in the quake4 link ,you will see concept art of quake4 , i saw the screenshots of the real models leaked in the net.. very high quality stuff.
simply stunning ,what they are doing in quake4 ,by the way it looks ,it seems the hardware requirements will be a bit higher there.

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druga runda
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I think I should teach myself to model and some proper modelling apps...
Welcome to Rivendale, Mr. Anderson.
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