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druga runda
Zeus Gromovnik
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Default Linux - time to give it a try

I need advice...

So what I am interested in:

Relatively friendly distribution - ie I download the disc, put it in, and expect it to install by clicking on options ... no need to read a large manual, just a little.

Hardware supported? Ati drivers any good these days? NF2 Mobo... AMD Athlon CPU...

Ummm... I have one HDD still on Fat 32, hope I can install there without using partition magic or something similar to free some disc space (I assume Linux doesn't support NTFS)...

What games can I play

AFAIK RCTW: ET; UT 2003; Q3... anything else supported natively - not into fiddling about with WineX or paying extra in order to play...

Are all Q3 games supported natively, like Call of Duty, MoH???

Ummm what else is important - why do I want to use it, well just to give it a try, as I assume come Longhorn time I might want to switch to something free... even though Win 2K looks to be supported for a long time coming...

Other than that... hmmm anything that I should think of, and how much time do you anticipate will take to load a new OS/drivers into the position
to be able to surf the net and install a game?

Let's say with Win 2K I need about 1 hour if I am not reformatting the HDD.

And what about the OS Boot manager, as I have 5 different Win 2K installations on there already, of which I use three for different purposes, and two are idle... I would not want to mess that up.
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A learner's distro would be Mandrake, Suse or Fedora because Red Hat has gone enterprise. For Linux games check out http://www.tuxgames.com. Your hardware is probably supported... if not you can learn to recompile the kernel for it. Linux can be placed anywhere on your HDD - it doesn't need to be on a primary partition on the first HDD. Choose ext3 or reiserfs for its filesystem. Linux can read NTFS OK and read/write to FAT well.
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druga runda
Zeus Gromovnik
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OK thanks, that would be a start...
Welcome to Rivendale, Mr. Anderson.
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Quake 3, MOH, Serious Sam FE/SE, and many others are supported natively. Here's the complete list of native linux games.

I'll be brief about ATi drivers under linux. It sux, get nvidia!

I got Abit NF7-s rev 2(nforce 2) motherboard and it works out of box with slackware 9.1 linux. Can't say the same for other linux distros cause they failed to install silicon image raid controller.

5 win2k installations??
Get rid of that virus nest

then try slax distribution which runs from CD ROM

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