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Default Weird colour effects


I had problems with the Nvidia drivers from the beginning. Apart from stability issues the biggest problem is that get strange colour effects on my screen.

With the Xfree driveres everything looks normal but using the Nvidia drivers makes the screen look like as if it were using different colour temperatures at different parts of the screen (the upper half looks nearly normal, the next quarter is warm, while the lowest quarter looks cool).

Next if you move a window to the left side of the screen so that the window is partially out of the screen the whole colour temperature flips from warm to very cold.

Also there are "shadows" on the right of every window. Dark parts of the window are seen as bright parts right of the window.

In other words the image quality very ugly. This hasn't changed with any driver version. I would be very grateful for any idea what I can do.

The card is an Asus V7700 (GF2GTS), SuSE 7.1, Kernel 2.4.18 (SuSE), Xfree 4.2.

Thanks for your time and any help

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Hi Stefan.

Any luck with fixing this? I'm running SuSE GNU Linux 7.3 with a GeForce2-MX PCI card in my Soltek KAV-75 m/b and am experiencing very similar problems. Using the GNU "nv" drivers I get slight patterns of waviness on the screen, but it's all quite bearable.

Using various versions of the "nvidia" drivers I get unbearable darkness and shadows, and nasty waviness.

Any tips much appreciated!

Best wishes,
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Wow, an answer at last ;-)). I had already forgotten about this thread :-).

Yes, I got rid of this about two weeks ago but merely by accident. I had newly installed SuSE 8.1 (which also uses XFree 4.2, the same version I used before) and thought I'd give it a try again. Of course it was exactly the same.

The funny thing is, this weird behaviour is caused by my XF86Config. I have been using the same one since XFree 4.0 was out. In a funny mood I tried the original XF86Config, generated during installation. And hey, it worked just fine :-)). I didn't trust my eyes at first.
Honestly, I have no idea what is the real cause behind this. I cannot see any significant differences between the two config files. At the moment my best guess is that the drivers don't like my old modelines since this is the only real difference I can see but how this could connect to the problem I have no idea.

If you like I can send you my XF86Config (sorry can't attach it, the board accepts only gif or jpeg and recognizes fakes). Perhaps after more or less editing it cures your system, too. Or you might try to create a new one with sax.

In any way, good luck. Let me know whether you had success. And if not you are of course welcome to ask again. It can only be a matter of years until it runs ;-).

Happy Hunting and good luck :-)

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Oh, I just noted, you CAN attach text files, but only if it has a .txt extension. Stupid, it uses file or something like that to recognize fakes but obviously doesn't accept anything without a certain file extension :-)).
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