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Default vehicles ,many vehicles in Q4 :)

Wow!! saw the latest Concept art from quake4 , and was surprised by the game content. looks like it will be a much BIGGER game than Doom3.and even with a deeper story and more gaming content. if everything that was made in the concept art will be in the final game,expect more than 25 combat vehicles!!! from light armored to heavy armored ..from 1-2 and maybe more passenger. (not bad for a gameengine that cant do outdoors ) more than 30 weapons!! Right now it looks that Quake4 is a completly diferent game from other quakes. (well maybe the Multiplayer side will still have the option for the old deathmatch ),but at least in single player looks like a mix between Tribes2 and Halo ,of course expect the quality graphics of the D3 engine... hehe i like it. and even some of the game characters make you feel more scared than anything done before in a game.. lol! RAven developers/artist seems that have very ambitious plans for quake4.. hope they suceed , if they can show their ideas in the game.. they have a winner there

Btw.. its not dificult to find them in internet ... just visit foreign Doom3 forums with the help of a translator and wait for someone to post new links with the pics.. because they dont last online enought time.

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looks like it will be a much BIGGER game than Doom3.and even with a deeper story and more gaming content.
Well, going from what Carmack has said, that doesn't take much
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where did u see these pictures
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