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This talk that nv30 can not have DDRII because the standard isn't approved made me realize something. That means R300 cann't possibly support DDRII either because it (R300) was annouced months ago.

DDRII is a technology and a standard. Both companies can have implemented the technology without a final spec coming down. They just both take risks that the final spec will force redesigns or special manufacturing cost. Don't read more into the article about DDRII for graphics spec not being finalized than should be read into it.
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Originally posted by jbirney

See the problem here is that they dont make memory. so they have to find another partner that makes memory. This partner will also want to sell DD2 to use in mombos as that has a higher rate of volume (ie makes them more money) then showing up in one high end video card. I find it very hard to believe that the mem compaines would even consider a non-standard mem support. Too costly to have 2 types of memory parts (one to fit nV standards, one to fit Jedec). However if nV is close enough to jedec standars then its more likely to happen.....
i'm going to assume you say "mombo" and mean "mobo."

with that said, ddrII is a LONG ways off from becoming mainstream with motherboards. DDR400 isn't even really being used or supported properly yet.

so my question is this. how does the JEDEC specification effect anything? as we all know, graphics cards have been using high performance memory for quite some time. i'm pretty sure the gfddr supported DDR before it was standardized. please correct me if i'm wrong here, but why can't NV30 do the same thing? it really makes no sense to me. additionally, i can only assume that DDR600 used on some graphics cards is not JEDEC approved either, although that could be somewhat different since it is only a clockspeed and not a new technology.
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Presently Samsung, Elpida and Infineon have started sampling their DDR-II products with their clock-speeds varying from 400 (800) to 500 (1000)MHz. Mass production is set to start in the first quarter 2003.
JEDEC may not have standardized the DDRII format yet, but it doesn't seem to stop the mem manufacturers from sampling their wares. If a company like Samsung has already started sampling DDRII their going to want to sell it to someone, whether its JEDEC approved or not, otherwise whats the point in sampling.

please note: if the above post is total BS, it's because I'm a noob, and I haven't a clue what I'm talking about. Remember the scene in American Pie I, when what's his name goes up to the foreign bird and laughs. thats me!
Due to complaints the Limerick that was here has now been removed, along with my sense of humour.

Machine Spec (all product names have been removed to protect the innocent from being called a fanboy)

a processor with the performance capability of 2.8Ghz, a motherboard, 1Gb of some make of memory, A video card (with latest drivers), A sound card and some other bits all in a case connected to some brand of monitor.
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sampling dose not mean selling. usally they will build a bunch of parts to ensure they have the process right, it meets all of the specs and passes EOL testing. If that works then they usally give away the parts as samples to other vendors to that vendor can test weather or not the new parts are ok for their use. Once everyone has agreed then it goes into full production. At least thats they way my company does it.
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can someone please answer my question?

to reiterate, it was "why does the JEDEC specification matter." i'm unsure of whether or not DDR specs had been finalized before the gfddr used the memory or not, but for sure, faster non-standardized DDR has been used with graphics cards since the beginning.

specifically i am looking for an answer from people who think this means that nvidia can't use ddrII
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